EUROCOM 780W AC Adapter
The World's Most Powerful 780W External AC/DC Adapter.
Great for High end Laptops, Small Form Factor PCs, Industrial PCs and Servers.

Physical Characteristics
• 12.8” / 325mm Length
• 4.3” / 110mm Width
• 1.5” / 40mm Height
• 72.9” / 1.8m DC Cable Length
• Total weight: 3.05 lbs / 1.38 kg

Vital Specifications
• Rated Output Power: 780Watts

Input Voltage & Frequency
• The range of input voltage is from 90Vac to 264Vac.
• Input Frequency 63Hz 50/60 Hz 47Hz

Input Current
• The maximum input current is 10A at AC Input 100Vac/60Hz.

Inrush Current
• The inrush current will not exceed 100A at 230Vac/63Hz AC input for a cold start at 25℃.
Power Factor
• The Power supply power factor at full load operation shall be more than 0.9 at 230Vac input.

• The efficiency (watts out / watts in) higher than 90% typically while measuring at nominal line and maximum load.

Output Requirements - Static Load
• Output Voltage: 20Vdc
• Minimum Load: 0A
• Maximum Load: 39A
• Peak Load 45A (duration Time 25ms)
• Line Regulation 2%
• Load Regulation: ±5%
• Voltage Accuracy: Min 19V Max 21V
• Ripple & Noise(*) 200mVp-p
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EUROCOM 780W Adapter Quick Review

Date Created: Feb 04, 2017
Created By: Mr Fox