Launching Raptor X15: Powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti with 8GB DDR6 and by Intel 12th generation LGA1700 desktop processors (up to i9-12900K)
LCD Size: 15.6in / 39.62cmEUROCOM Nightsky ARX315

 Weight: 2.6kg / 5.7lbs   Thickness: 1.3in

15.6in 240Hz FHD 1920-by-1080 or 165Hz QHD 2560-by-1440 pixels



LCD Size: 15.6inEUROCOM Nightsky RX315

 Weight: 2.0kg / 4.4lbs   Thickness: 19.9mm/0.796in

15.6in FHD 1920-by-1080; QHD 2560-by-1440 or UHD OLED 3840-by-2160 pixels

LCD Size: 17.3in / 43.9cmEUROCOM Nightsky RX317

 Weight: 2.3kg / 5.06lbs   Thickness: 19.9mm/0.796in

17.3in FHD sRGB 100% LCD panel 144Hz