Raptor X17 powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 (9728 CUDA) now available with i9-14900HX (24C/32T); 96GB DDR5; and 24TB of RAID 0/1/5 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSDs
Maintenance Tips
  • If notebook is left in cold temperatures for extended periods of time, allow notebook to "warm up" to room temperature before operation.
  • Always use your notebook on a clean, flat surface for proper ventilation.
  • Do not drop or throw your notebook.
  • Always store your notebook in a safe place. Your LCD panel is very sensitive to shock and impact, as are many other components inside your notebook.
  • NEVER operate your notebook from inside the carrying case.
  • Do not leave your notebook exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  • Always store your notebook in a dry place.
  • Always ship or transport your notebook in its carrying case.
  • Do not pile heavy objects on your notebook (such as luggage, a monitor or heavy books).
  • If exposed to fumes or airborne dust particles, clean notebook surface and ports/openings with compressed air.
  • Keep notebook away from strong magnetic sources.
  • Do not tap or press on the LCD Panel.
  • Keep the Eurocom driver DVD/Memory Stick, and Windows install DVD/Memory Stick with your notebook at all times.

Never spray any cleaning solution directly on any part of the notebook. If you do use any type of cleaning solution, spray it in a cloth, and then clean the notebook. Please ensure your notebook is OFF when cleaning your notebook.

LCD Panel - Clean the LCD panel with a warm dampened, soft cloth. Do not use a soaking wet cloth. If necessary use a mild soap and water solution. Do not use excessive pressure. Also, do not open the display panel more than 120 degrees (from the closed position) as this may damage the LCD top cover.

KEYBOARD - From time to time use compressed air to remove and dust and dirt that may have accumulated between the keys.Clean with a warm dampened, soft cloth. If necessary use a mild soap and water solution.

TRACKPAD - Use a soft damp cloth or if necessary you can also use a mild soap and water solution to clean the trackpad. Once cleaned, wipe the surfaces with a dry cloth to prevent water from running into the notebook's internal electronic components.

PLASTICS - Use a soft damp cloth or if necessary you can also use a mild soap and water solution to clean plastic parts. Once cleaned, wipe the surfaces with a dry cloth to prevent water from running into the notebook's internal electronic components.

COOLING FANS - Due to the fact that fans in your notebook are constantly drawing air into your notebook, these fans can ingest dust and debris.It is recommended that occasionally you should blow compressed air into the fans to clean out this dust and debris. This should be done more often if you are working in a dusty or dirty environment. If you notice the internal temps in your notebook are getting higher, it may be time for a thorough cleaning of your cooling system including the replacement of the thermal paste on your CPU and GPU. Replacement thermal paste can be obtained via the Eurocom Upgrade page.It is recommended you replace the thermal paste every 1 to 1.5 years.



Li-Ion Smart batteries, generally do not require any maintenance. However as a rule of thumb they require twice as long to charge as they take to discharge. As well in some cases any smart battery (Lithium or Nickel metal) may need to be drained through the bios once at the beginning to work at full capacity. Click here for details.


Follow these steps a minimum of once a month.

1. TURN OFF POWER MANAGEMENT in the System Bios AND BATTERY LOW SUSPEND You must disable power management on your notebook during battery cycling so that the computer will use all of its battery life. If power management settings are not turned off, the notebook will shut itself down (or go into suspend mode) before the battery is completely exhausted.

2. DISCHARGE YOUR BATTERY COMPLETELY Leave your notebook powered on (and not plugged into the wall) until the battery is fully drained This will prevent any problems with Windows shutting down improperly, and potentially causing errors.

3.ALLOW YOUR BATTERY TO COOL DOWN Unplug the AC adapter, and allow the battery to cool.

4.RECHARGE THE BATTERY Plug in your notebook, and completely re-charge the battery to maximum capacity until the battery LED below the LCD shows green, do rely on windows to give you an accurate reading of the battery charge.

5. UNPLUG THE AC ADAPTER Unplug the AC adapter and then plug it back in again to ensure that the battery is indeed at maximum capacity (Battery LED is Green).



The updates from Microsoft can contain important Security related patches that you will require to maintain your notebook. These updates sometimes however may contain drivers that will cause serious issues with your notebook. We recommend you select "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them" in the Windows Updates section of Control Panel. This will allow you to select security patches to download but you can also select not to receive updates that may negatively affect your notebook.It is also recommended that you turn off windows update from doing driver updates.


Contrary to popular belief, BIOS updates are only required if you are experiencing problems with your notebook. If you encounter any problems with your notebook and part of the solution to your problem is a BIOS update, a Eurocom tech will recommend an update and help you with this update if necessary. Constantly checking and performing BIOS updates as part of your notebook maintenance is really not necessary and actually puts your notebook at risk. A failed BIOS update can "Brick" your notebook which will require the replacement of your motherboard which is not covered under warranty.


One of the advantages to owning a Eurocom Laptop is that they are upgradable. If you wish to upgrade some of the components of your notebook, find the upgrade page for your specific model on our webpage. The upgrade page will show you all the upgrade available that we have fully tested in your particular model. Here is the link to the Eurocom Upgrade page http://www.eurocom.com/ec/upgrades()ec


If you encounter any issues with your Eurocom Laptop all you need to do to get some help from our techs is fill in a Support Request. Once this request has been received one of our techs will contact you and help you with your problem. When filling out the Support Request it is important that you provide as much information as possible. This will allow our techs to be fully prepared before they contact you. This makes for a quick resolution to your problem. Here is the link to our Support Request form https://eurocom.com/ec/supportr()ec