EUROCOM 780W AC Adapter
The World's Most Powerful 780W External AC/DC Adapter.
Great for High Performance Laptops, Small Form Factor PCs, Industrial PCs and Servers.

The 780W AC adapter brings an unprecedented level of convenience and power to owners of high performance professional and gaming laptops that would normally require two 280W or two 330W AC adapters. It weights only 2.95lbs (1.34kg) and measures 12.8x4.3x1.5in (325x110x40mm)

Whether the customer is a traveller that benefits by having one less item to lug around in their backpack or carrying bag or two items less if you count the Power Converter Box for 2x 330W AC Adapters.

Also for these that use a laptop in the same place every day, the reduction in clutter and weight are things that are easy to appreciate.

"It's like the perfect marriage. Once you get to experience the 780W AC, you will never crave for having another one by its side."

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Base Configuration
  DC Cable for 780W AC Adapter
  - Choose from the options below:
  - Alienware M17x M18x; 1x DC Cable ; w/ barrel AW connector; 193cm/6.4ft [add $169]
  - Alienware AREA 51m; 1x DC Cable + Splitter Box w/ 2x barrel AW connectors; 152cm/5ft [add $199]
  - ASUS ROG G18 Strix; GX501V; GM501; GM501GM; GX531GM; 1x DC Cable; connector 6.0mm x 3.7mm, with central pin [add $169]
  - ASUS G703GX, GZ700GX; 1x DC Cable w/ 2x ROG barrel connectors; 152cm/5ft [add $199]
  - CLEVO, OriginPC, Sager, XMG, EUROCOM laptops; 1x DC Cable; w/ 4-pin round connector; 182cm / 6ft [add $129]
  - CLEVO X370SNx; 1x DC Cable; w/ square connector; 120cm / 3.8ft [add $199]
  - CLEVO X170SM/X170KM; 1x DC Cable; w/ dual square connectors; 152cm / 5ft [add $199]
  - Dell Precision 7720/7710; 1x DC Cable; w/ barrel Dell connector; 120cm / 3.8ft [add $169]
  - Dell Inspiron 27 7775 AIO Desktop; 1x DC Cable; w/ barrel Dell connector; 120cm / 3.8ft [add $169]
  - Lenovo Legion Pro 9i 1x DC Cable; w/ square Lenovo pin connector; 120cm / 3.8ft [add $129]
  - MSI GE76, GT76, GT77, GE78HX Raider, Titan 18HX 1x DC Cable; w/ single square connector; 120cm / 3.8ft [add $129]
  - MSI laptops & MSI Trident AS Gaming Desktops; 1x DC Cable; w/ 4-pin round connector; 182cm / 6ft [add $129]
  Standard AC Adapter
  - None, Choose from the options below:
  - 780W AC Adapter; 110V-240V Auto Switching; 325x110x40mm; 3lbs/1.3kg; without DC cable [add $299]
  Choose Extra AC Adapter
  - None - Choose from the options below
  - 780W AC Adapter; without DC Cable; 110V-250V Auto Switching; 3lbs/1.3kg [add $299]
  Extra Power Cord
  - None - Choose from the options below
  - 1 Extra; USA/CANADA [add $7]
  - 1 Extra; AUSTRALIA [add $7]
  - 1 Extra; UK [add $7]
  - 1 Extra; EUROPE [add $7]
  - 1 Extra; SOUTH AFRICA [add $7]
  - 2 Extra; US/CANADA [add $14]
  - 2 Extra, EUROPE [add $14]
  - 2 Extra; UK [add $14]
  - 2 Extra; AUSTRALIA [add $14]
  - 2 Extra; SOUTH AFRICA [add $14]