17.3-inch; 60Hz or 120Hz FHD (2K) 1920x1080); 120Hz QHD (3K) 2560x1440; 60Hz UltraHD (4K) 3840x2160

CLEVO P870TM1 / Sager NP9877 (Nov 2017)
G-Sync fully Supported

  • Graphics: Upgradeable MXM 3.1; Desktop GPU - supports both GTX 10x0 series and RTX 20x0 series GPUs
  • Processor: socketed desktop LGA1151 CPU, 8cores/16threads, up to Intel i9 9900K
  • AC Adapter: 330W standard for Desktop GPUs - 330 Watt x 2 (660 Watt)availble; 780 Watt AC availalble
  • VGA Heatsink: dual GPU heatsinks VGA Primary and VGA secondary heatsinks
  • O/S Supported: Windows 10
  • BIOS Required:
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    Base Configuration
      BIOS Service UNLOCKED BIOS with Overclocking Capabilities
      GPU-1 Upgrade Kit (Primary)
      GPU-2 Upgrade Kit (Secondary)
      GPU-1 Power Cable (Primary)
      GPU-2 Power Cable (Secondary)
      GPU-1 Heatsink (Primary)
      GPU-2 Heatsink (Secondary)
      Extra X-bracket / GPU Supporter
      Extra Thermal Pads
      Extra Screws for X-Bracket
      Thermal Paste
      VGA Cables (SLI / CrossFire)

      CPU Back plate and CPU Support w/ screws
      Extra SSD/HDD Bracket(s) & Cables
      CPU Heatsink
      CPU Fan
      Primary GPU / VGA Fan
      Secondary GPU / VGA Fan
      Power Switch Board
      Sound Board
      Hinge Left Side
      Hinge Right Side
      Keyboard (internal)
      Back LCD Cover
      Front Cover
      LCD Cables
      LCD Panels
      Top Case
      Bottom Case
      Bottom Case CPU Cover
      Bottom Case HDD Cover
      Bottom Case Screws - 1 Set

      Click Board
      AC Adapter
      Battery (Extra)
      Power Cord
      Converter Box for 2x AC Adapters
      DC Cable for 780 Watt AC Adapter
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