EUROCOM X8100 Leopard
18.4-inch Full HD 1920-by-1080 or HD+ 1680-by-945 pixels; LED Backlit; Glossy Surface Display

High-performance, fully upgradable and configurable mobile workstation solution for the professional user. Powered by Intel Core i7 and Core i7 Extreme Mobile processors and nVidia high performance Quadro and GeForce or ATi Radeon Mobility video cards with SLI and CrossFireX support.
Whether you're a designer developing the latest automobile, a 3D artist working on the next blockbuster film, engineer, softeware developer, scientist, gamer, or a financial trader on Wall Street, EUROCOM workstation class solution deliver unmatched power and performance.

  • Upgradable PROCESSOR: Intel Core i7 and Intel Core 7 Extreme; up to i7-940XM
  • Upgradeable MXM 3.0b VGA GRAPHICS:
       - ATi Radeon Mobility: HD5870 1GB DDR5 with DVi Dual Link; single and/or CrossFireX and HD7970M 2GB DDR5 single
       - NVIDIA GeForce: GTX 680M and 480M single or GTX 460M, GTX 470M, GTX 280M, GTX 285M in SLI
       - nVidia Quadro: FX 2800M and FX 3800M; 1GB DDR3 with DVi Dual Link
       - Supports both NVIDIA SLI and ATi CrossFireX.
  • MEMORY: up to 16 GB high performance DDR3-1333 SODIMM Memory

  • STORAGE: up to 8TB of storage with 4 physical Hard Drives (4x 2TB); RAID 0/1/5/10
  • Optical Drive: DVD Burner, Blu Ray Reader or Blu Ray Writer
  • WIRELESS: WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n and/or and Bluetooth
  • AUDIO: Dolby Home Theater 5.1; 5 speakers with subwoofer
  • Ports: eSATA; HDMI-Out; optional HDMI-Input; DVI-i; 4x USB 2.0; Expresscard slot 34/54
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    Base Configuration
      eXpansion Modules for 2-3 External Monitors
      GPU Technology
      VGA / GPU Graphics Options
      Processor / CPU
      Memory (RAM) Configuration
      Operating System(s)
      Keyboard (Language)
      Office/Business Productivity Software
      RAID Options: HDD/SSD Storage
      1st Drive: HDD, SSD or SSHD
      2nd Drive: HDD, SSD or SSHD
      3rd Drive: HDD, SSD or SSHD
      4th Drive: HDD, SSD or SSHD
      External Optical Drive
      Optical Drive
      Internal Card Reader
      Biometric Device
      Wireless Routers
      Bluetooth for Wireless Devices
      Wireless LAN
      AntiVirus, Security and Utilities Software
      Speach Recognition Software
      Gaming Accessories
      Built-in Web Camera
      USB 3.0 Ports
      Standard Battery (internal)
      Choose Extra Battery
      Standard AC Adapter
      Standard Power Cord - included
      Extra Power Cord
      Choose Extra AC Adapter
      Carrying Case
      Choose Your Warranty Plan

      External Keyboard
      Graphics Tablet / Stylus

      External Portable Storage
      External Hard Drive for Data Backup or Network Storage (NAS)
      Docking Stations, Hubs and Port Replicators
      Car Adapters and Inverters
      Cables, Converters and Adapters
      Security Cables and Security Devices
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