15-inch XGA 1024-by-768 pixels or 17-inch SXGA+ 1280-by-1024 pixels; Flat-Panel TFT LCD; with optional Privacy Filter

  • Energy cost reductions major power savings due to low energy consumption (approx 90W vs 400W-500W for traditional PC)

  • Designed to meet and/or exceed all of Retail Hardening requirements

  • Long lifespan combined with long term support of 7-10 years.

  • Hazard-free and low cost disposal due to usage of non-toxic, recyclable materials and lightweight (under 8kg), small footprint design.

  • Substantial office/desk space savings. Unlike bulky traditional desktops, a sleek design ensures maximum space efficiency.

  • Major IT cost reductions over desktop PCs as small footprint, All-in-One design allows for faster installation, relocation and operation at user's location - a traditional desktop PC requires installation and configuration of two pieces of equipment (CPU tower and Monitor). Take your IT support to the next level, by supporting more users per each IT staff member.

  • Highy flexible, fully customizable and upgradeable design to meet departmental and/or individual computing requirements i.e. Processor, Hard Drive, memory or optical drive. Optional Touch Screen or Privacy Filter available.

    Test-drive the EUROCOM in your data center and see what eco-responsible PC can do for you. There has never been a better time to try the world's first Eco-Friendly EUROCOM All-in-One PC! EUROCOM LCD PCs are the industry's fastest, most space and energy efficient PCs, ideal for all IT environments.
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    Base Configuration
      Display Privacy and/or Protection Filters
      Processor / CPU
      Memory (RAM) Configuration
      Operating System(s)
      Office/Business Productivity Software
      1st Drive: HDD, SSD or SSHD
      Optical Drive
      Biometric Device
      Internal Card Reader
      Bluetooth for Wireless Devices
      Wireless LAN
      AntiVirus, Security and Utilities Software
      Internal Floppy Drive
      Standard Power Cord - included
      Carrying Case
      Choose Your Warranty Plan

      External Keyboard
      Graphics Tablet / Stylus

      External Floppy Drive
      External Portable Storage
      External Hard Drive for Data Backup or Network Storage (NAS)
      Docking Stations, Hubs and Port Replicators
      Car Adapters and Inverters
      Security Cables and Security Devices
      SCSI Adapter - to Connect External Hard Drives
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