15.6in UHD 60Hz or FHD 60Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz

World's first Coffee Lake GPU- and CPU-upgradeable laptop powered by Intel Z370 chipset, NVIDIA RTX 20 and GTX 10 series MXM3 GPUs and Intel 8cores/16treads LGA1151 socket based Processors

  • GPU-upgradeable: Modular MXM 3.1; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, 1070, 1060; RTX 2080, 2070, 2060
  • CPU-upgradeable; LGA1151 socket; up to i9-9900KS; 8cores/16threads
  • Up to 128GB DDR4-2400/2666/3000 of RAM; 4 slots; 260pin SODIMMM sockets; 128GB option requires TB3 port to be disabled
  • Supports up to 32TB of storage with total four drives (2x M.2 NVMe and 2x 2.5inch SATA3)
  • Built-in 6-in-1 Push-Push Card Reader; MMC/RSMMC SD/mini SD/SDHC/SDXC; UHS-II
  • Supports total 4 active displays at 4K 60Hz each
  • Loaded with Ports:USB 3.1 Gen2 / Thunderbolt 3 combo port (Type-C); USB 3.1C; 3x USB 3.1 (1x powered, AC/DC); USB 2.0; 2x mini DisplayPort 1.3; HDMI 2.0 output; 2-in-1 Audio Jack (Headphone / S/PDIF); Microphone-in; Line-out; Line-in; RJ-45 LAN; DC-in
  • Super fast 1GbE Killer E2500 LAN onboard
  • Prewired for LTE/3G/4G (M.2 slot + SIM socket) so you can just plug in an internal M.2 3G/4G/LTE module and get WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) anywhere you go.
  • Loaded with security features to protect your IP: Built-in TPM 2.0 (encryption), BIOS disk (encryption), Fingerprint and Cable Lock.
  • Unlocked BIOS with overclocking support for maximum performance with "K" series of Intel 8xxxK processors
  • Designed like a racing car with easy access to all components for future expansion / upgrades
  • Anti Ghosting backlit keyboard with easy to change colors and glow effects of your illuminated keys.
  • Dual high fidelity microphones with noise cancellation on the laptop lid for stereo studio quality recording.
  • Sound Blaster X Pro-Gaming 360˚ and ESS SABRE HiFi DAC for high res headphone audio
  • High quality copper heat pipes covering the CPU and GPU array for maximum thermal performance.
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    Size Make Model Gamut Interface Resolution Frequency G-Sync Cable Front Cover Back Cover Hinge L Hinge R Note
    15.6LGLP156WF6-SPP272% NTSCeDP 30 pinFHD60HzNo43-P7501-042-1C39-P7501-01539-P7501-127-W33-P7501-0L433-P7501-0R3
    15.6LGLP156WF6-SPB1 72% NTSCeDP 30 pinFHD60HzYes43-P7501-042-1C39-P7501-01539-P7501-127-W33-P7501-0L433-P7501-0R3
    15.6LGLP156WF6-SPK345% NTSCeDP 30 pinFHD60HzYes43-P7501-042-1C39-P7501-01539-P7501-127-W33-P75D1-0L133-P75D1-0R1
    15.6AUO B156HTN05.272% NTSCeDP 40 pinFHD120HzYes43-P75D1-010-1C39-P7501-01539-P7501-127-W33-P75D1-0L133-P75D1-0R1
    15.6AUO B156HAN07.072% NTSC eDP 40 pinFHD144HzYes43-P7501-022-1C39-P7501-01539-P7501-127-W33-P75D1-0L133-P75D1-0R1
    15.6LGLP156WFG-SPF272% NTSCeDP 40 pinFHD144HzYes43-P7501-022-1C39-P7501-01539-P7501-127-W33-P75D1-0L133-P75D1-0R1
    15.6AUOB156HTN03.845% NTSCeDP 30pinFHD60HzNo43-P7501-042-1C39-P7501-01539-P7501-127-W33-P75D1-0L133-P75D1-0R1
    15.6SamsungLTN156FL02-10172% NTSCeDP 40 pinUHD60HzYes43-P7501-022-1C39-P7501-01539-P7501-127-W33-P75D1-0L133-P75D1-0R1
    15.6LG LP156UD1-SPB172% NTSCeDP 40 pinUHD60HzYes43-P7501-022-1C39-P7501-01539-P7501-127-W33-P75D1-0L133-P75D1-0R1
    15.6 GTSharp LQ156D1JX01B100% sRGBeDP 40 pinUHD60HzNo43-P7501-012-1C39-P7501-01539-P7501-12733-P7501-0L333-P7501-0R2
    15.6 MatteSharpLQ156D1JW04100% sRGBeDP 40 pinUHD60HzNo43-P7501-060-1C39-P7501-01539-P7501-127-W33-P75D1-0L133-P75D1-0R1
    15.6inAUOB156ZAN02.272% NTSCeDP; 40pinUHD60HzNo43-P75F1-010-C39-P7501-01539-P7501-127-W33-P75D1-0L133-P75D1-0R1