15.6-inch FHD 1920-by-1080 pixels; Matte (Non-Glare) or Glossy (Glare); LED Backlit Display; optional 95% Gamut/NTSC

CLEVO P150SMA / SAGER NP8268 (Late 2014)

  • Graphics: Upgradeable MXM 3.0b; single GPU
  • Processor: socket based Haswell Intel CPU (up to i7-4940MX Extreme)
  • AC Adapter: 120W standard for 100W GPUs
  • VGA Heatsink: standard heatsink (100W)
  • O/S Supported: Windows 7 and 8x and 10
  • BIOS Required:
  • To use the 10 series cards you must... Running Windows 10 in full UEFI mode, Unlocked BIOS and All Custom written drivers.
  • GTX 1060 can use the original equipment heatsink with no modifications but you will need to re-position the thermal pads to match the new card layout.
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    Modifications required to use the GTX 1070 in my Clevo P15xSM/SMA
    Mar 21, 2018

    In order for the Clevo P15xSM/SMA notebooks to use the GTX 1070 video card some small modifications are necessary to the frame of the notebook. These small mods will have no ill effect on the notebook.

    Two plastic support frames need to be removed with a Dremmel tool (or alike tool). Once these frames have been removed the card and heatsink will properly fit into the notebook and will be secured without any issues. If you would like more information please fill in a support request and more info and pictures can be provided.

    Who do I contact to get some help with my Clevo/Sager Notebook upgrades?
    Jun 15, 2015

    If you have any questions or would like some assistance with your upgrade, please fill in this Support Request Form and our Support team would be happy to assist you!

    Support Request Form