EUROCOM L29xTP; TouchScreen PC
15.1-inch XGA LCD; 1024-by-768 pixels or 17-inch SXGA 1280-by-1024 pixels; with 5-wire touch screen glass controller

Perfect small form-factor, lightweight, All-in-One TouchSystem PC with 5-wire resistive touch screen glass controller. Meets all Retail Hardening requirements with long lifespan and long term support of 7-10 years.

EUROCOM LP29xTP 5-wire resistive technology is the workhorse of resistive touchscreens, providing unsurpassed performance. When activated with a finger, gloved hand, fingernail, or object such as a credit card, the touchscreen delivers a fast, accurate response every time.

It is impervious to environmental conditions such as liquid spills and splashes, humidity, and washdown the most contamination-resistant touchscreen available.

EUROCOM LP29xTP is widely used in point-of-sale, kiosks, industrial, education and medical applications and is available for variety of custom solutions. Includes Antiglare Surface Treatment

CustomizeSpecificationsPrice ListComponentsUser ManualUpgradeUpgrade Price List
Base Configuration
  System and Display
  Mounting Bracket
  Processor / CPU
  Memory (RAM) Configuration
  Operating System(s)
  Operating System #2
  Office/Business Productivity Software
  RAID Options: HDD/SSD Storage
  1st Drive: HDD, SSD or SSHD
  Optical Drive
  Biometric Device
  HSDPA/HSUPA Worldwide Mobile Broadband
  Wireless Routers
  Bluetooth for Wireless Devices
  Wireless LAN
  AntiVirus, Security and Utilities Software
  Speach Recognition Software
  Internal Floppy Drive
  Extra Power Cord
  Carrying Case
  Choose Your Warranty Plan

  External Keyboard

  External Floppy Drive
  External Portable Storage
  External Hard Drive for Data Backup or Network Storage (NAS)
  Docking Stations, Hubs and Port Replicators
  Car Adapters and Inverters
  Cables, Converters and Adapters
  Security Cables and Security Devices
  SCSI Adapter - to Connect External Hard Drives