CLEVO W230SS/SD / SAGER NP7338 (Early 2014) 13.3 Inch FHD Matte 1920-by-1080 pixels or QHD+ 3200-by-1800 pixels (Retina); GT (Glare Type); 800:1; IPS Wide Viewing Angle Display; Backlight LED; eDP

  • Graphics: Non Upgradeable GPU
  • Processor: socket based 4th generation Intel CPU (up to 4940MX)
  • AC Adapter: 120W standard AC Adapter
  • O/S Supported: Windows 7 and 8x

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    Base Configuration
      Services: UNLOCKED BIOS Upgrade w/ BIOS flash instructions
      - Unlocked BIOS Update Service
      Services: GPU Upgrade Full Service
      - GPU Upgrade Service; Includes shipping 2-ways, installation of GPU, Drivers, BIOS, Heatsink mods if required; Canada/US only
      GPU / VGA Graphics Technology / Architecture
      - Single GPU support; on-board
      - W230SS Mainboard; 77-W23SS-D02A
      - W230SD Mainboard; 77-W230S-D0D02
      Audio Cable
      - W230SD Audio Cable; 43-W23D0-010-01
      CPU Heatsink
      - CPU Heatsink - Clevo Model Specific
      CPU Fan
      - CPU Fan - CLEVO model specific
      LCD Cables
      - W230ST/SS/SD LCD Cable; 43-W23S1-010K
      LCD Panels
      - 13.3in; FHD; Matte (Non-Glare); 700:1; Backlight LED; eDP; CHIMEI N133HSE-EA1
      Back LCD Cover
      - Back Cover Assembly (13.3-inch models)
      Front Cover
      - Front Cover (13.3-inch models)
      Top Case
      - Top Case - 13.3 inch - Model Specific
      Hinge Left Side
      - Left Side Hinge (model, back cover and LCD panel specific)
      Hinge Right Side
      - Right Side Hinge (model specific)
      Bottom Case
      - Bottom Case - 13.3 inch - Model Specific
      Bottom Case Screws - 1 Set
      - Bottom Case Screws - 1 Set - Model Specific
      Keyboard (internal)
      - Backlit; English; USA/Canada; QWERTY


      AC Adapter
      - 120W AC Adapter; 100-240V Auto-Switching
      Power Cord
      - USA/CANADA
      - EUROPE
      - UK
      - Battery Pack, Li-Ion - 6 Cells