Sky Z7 R2 is futureproof Mobile Supercomputer powered by Intels Z590 PCIe 4.0 ‎chipset, 11th gen LGA1200 CPUs, TB4 and supercharged by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30xx GPUs
Sep 20, 2012

New mobile hardware solutions can increase staff productivity

Around the world, mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular and widespread. Look around and you will see tablets, smartphones, ultrabooks and netbooks being used by everyone.

But what if you are a professional, managing large data sets, running multiple virtual machines, designing the next generation of products or technologies, collecting and analyzing environmental data or monitoring large amounts of incoming variables? You will clearly need much more capable and powerful hardware than the average consumer.

The work of engineers, designers, operators and managers of municipal water and wastewater treatment systems, stormwater management, industrial/hazardous waste management and air pollution can be made easier and more productive by the use of capable mobile hardware. Teams, working with mobile workstations on their customers’ sites or anywhere outside their offices, need a system to run multiple applications on multiple operating systems.

Eurocom has assisted many organizations with a strategy called “Engineering-on-the Go”. When utilized properly, it can greatly reduce organizational costs while improving a company’s ability to adapt to challenges.

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