Dell Precision M4800

Dell Precision M4800 15.6' Mobile Workstation

  • Graphics: Upgradeable MXM 3.0a; single GPU
  • Processor: socket based 4th generation Intel CPU
  • AC Adapter: 240W standard for all GPUs
  • VGA Heatsink: standard 2-pipe Heatsink
  • O/S Supported: Windows 7 and 8
  • ComponentsUpgradeUpgrade Price List
    Base Configuration
      GPU / VGA Upgrade Kit (Primary)
      - 2GB GDDR5; NVIDIA Quadro K1100M (N15P-Q1); 384 CUDA;Open GL; MXM 3.0a; 45W;Upgrade Kit with Heatsink, screws, thermal pads and Paste   [$413]
      - 2GB DDR5; NVIDIA Quadro K2000M; MXM 3.0a; N14P-Q3; Upgrade Kit with Heatsink, screws, thermal pads and Paste  [$579]
      - 2GB GDDR5; NVIDIA Quadro K2100M; 576 CUDA; MXM 3.0a; 55W; N15E-Q3-A1;Upgrade Kit with Heatsink, screws, thermal pads and Paste  [$413]
      Extra X-bracket / GPU Supporter
      - GPU Spreader / X-Bracket for Dell MXM 3.0b NVIDIA GTX and Quadro with Matching Dell 2mm Screws  [$41]
      Thermal Paste
      - IC Diamond Thermal Paste ICD7; 1tube; 1.5g  [$21]
      - Thermal Grizzly KRYONAULT for CPU/GPU - 3ml/11.1g tube  [$49]

      MXM3 GPU Riser Card- Riser cards are designed for testing and/or debugging MXM3 based GPUs
      - AMD MXM3 to PCIe Riser card   [$399]
      - NVIDIA MXM3 to PCIe Riser card   [$399]
      Riser Card Cooling Fans
      - AMD Riser Card Cooling Fan  [$117]