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Apr 25, 2011

Eurocom Launches Corporate Trade in Program 2011-Allowing companies to Maximize their IT Budget

Braden Taylor

Eurocom Corporation (www.eurocom.com), a leading developer of high performance computing solutions has updated its Corporate Trade in Program to incorporate the latest Server on the Go and full line of Mobile Workstation solutions.

Link: Trade in Web Page

The Eurocom Corporate Trade In program allows customers to maximize their IT budget and acquire fully upgradeable high performance computer solutions (EUROCOM notebooks, Mobile Workstation, Mobile Servers and all-in-one energy efficient PCs) in the most cost effective fashion.

“The Corporate Trade in Program allows companies to upgrade their aging desktop centered hardware to newer, portable and efficient computer technology without a major impact on their IT budget” explains Eurocom Corporate Sales Manager Matthew Thompson.

With the Eurocom Corporate Trade in Program, customers can save up to 20% off the purchase of new Eurocom technology when they trade in their aging non-EUROCOM equipment (notebook, desktop PC or server).

The two key benefits of the program are the prolonged life span of computer hardware, as EUROCOM systems are fully upgradeable, and the acquisition of more flexible portable computer equipment that allows more intelligent utilization of company resources than the traditional desktop based computer hardware.

The Eurocom Trade In program gives companies an opportunity to trade in their aging desktop-based PC hardware for the newest Intel i7, Xeon, AMD, NVIDIA and Sandy Bridge based portable technology. Eurocom Corporation offers a perfect solution for those companies who need the mobility of a notebook, but who do not want to compromise the power and functionality of a traditional desktop computer. With workforces changing fast, the ease of movement becomes a crucial factor when buying new computer equipment.

The Eurocom Corporate Trade in Program provides businesses, government, health care sector, educational institutions and individuals with the means of disposing their aging computer hardware.

Replacing aging technology allows organizations to restructure operations by incorporating Server on the Go (SOTG) and Engineering on the Go (EOTG) strategies, thereby allowing for more efficient and effective mobile operations. EOTG and SOTG allows for business activities anywhere in the world made available by capable mobile hardware solutions that allow engineers to receive and process feedback while being face-to-face with customers, co-developers, final users and other third parties.

Eurocom donates old equipment received under the Trade In Program to various charitable organizations, such as Computers for Schools, helping young students gain greater access to computer technology and acquire computer skills needed to succeed in today's economy and society.

Trade in Program Benefits:
- Save money by trading in aging hardware
- Get new portable computing technology with a long life span
- New portable computer equipment can be easily relocated
- New Mobile equipment allows organizations to take advantage of Eurocom Server On The Go and Engineering On The Go technology
- Acquire new fully upgradeable hardware
- Eurocom disposes old hardware by donating it to those in need

Education Program
In addition to the Corporate Trade in Program 2011, Eurocom has developed a Higher Education Program to ensure every student progresses towards being an active participant of the mobile global workforce. Eurocom rewards the quest for education and knowledge by offering increased discounts for higher educational achievements. Due to the increasing importance of mobility in today’s world, Eurocom has noticed a growing gap where professionals are becoming increasingly adept at operating on-the-go while students are entering the global workforce without the requisite skill set. Eurocom is aiming to help young students and graduates better integrate into the workforce with their own highly capable mobile systems. For more details please visit The Education Program Page

About Eurocom
Eurocom is a leading developer of desktop replacement and mobile workstation technology. Eurocom began with the goal of creating the most advanced computer systems and using advanced engineering techniques typically unseen in the computer industry. The company has produced many firsts and continues to engineer well-balanced machines and VGA solutions that inspire and enable individuals to reach great possibilities.

For more information, please visit www.eurocom.com

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