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Feb 23, 2011

Eurocom Launches Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Processor in its Panther 2.0 Super Notebook

Braden Taylor

Eurocom Corporation www.eurocom.com announces support for Intel's new high performance i7-990X Extreme Edition Processor inside the EUROCOM Panther 2.0 super notebook.

The addition of the i7-990X to the long list of processor options gives Eurocom customers even greater choice when customizing their custom built system.

The Intel Core i7-990X comes unlocked and runs at 3.46GHz, with a 3.73GHz Turbo Boost.

"The i7-990X gives our clients a super powerful, unlocked processor that is built for unmatched performance" said Mark Bialic, President of Eurocom "Customers can now match the Intel i7-990X extreme processor with AMD Radeon HD6970M and NVIDIA GTX 485M video cards for a super computer experience inside a notebook form factor."

Intel Core i7 990X Extreme Edition features:

  • 3.46 GHz core speed
  • Up to 3.73 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology
  • 6 cores
  • 12 threads
  • 12 MB Cache
  • 3 Channels DDR3 1066 MHz memory
  • 32nm manufacturing process technology
  • 6.4 GT/s Bus Speed

    Optional Processors for the EUROCOM Panther 2.0:

  • 3.46 GHz Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Edition; 6C/12T; 12MB L3; 6.4GT/s; 32nm; 130W
  • 3.33 GHz; Intel Core i7-980X Extreme; 6C/12T; 8MB L3; 6.4GT/s; 32nm; 130W
  • 3.20 GHz; Intel Core i7-970 Processor; 6C/12T; 12MB cache; 4.8GT/s; 32nm; 130W
  • 3.20 GHz; Intel Core i7-960 Processor; 4C/8T; 8MB cache; 4.8GT/s; 45nm; 130W
  • 3.06 GHz Intel Core i7-950; 8MB L3 cache; 4.8GT/s; LGA1366; 45nm; 130W
  • 2.80 GHz; Intel Core i7-930 Processor; 4-Cores 8-Threads; 8MB cache; 4.8GT/s; 32nm; 130W

  • 3.46 GHz Intel Xeon X5690 Processor; 6-cores; 12MB L3 cache; 6.4GT/s; 32nm; 130W
  • 3.33 GHz Intel Xeon X5680 Processor; 6-cores; 12MB L3 cache; 6.4GT/s; 32nm; 130W
  • 2.93 GHz Intel Xeon X5670 Processor; 6-cores; 12MB L3; 6.4GT/s; 32nm; 95W
  • 2.80 GHz Intel Xeon X5660 Processor; 6-cores; 12MB L3; 6.4GT/s; 32nm; 95W
  • 2.66 GHz Intel Xeon X5650 Processor; 6-cores; 12MB L3; 6.4GT/s; 32nm; 95W

  • 2.13 GHz; Intel Xeon Processor L5630; 4-Cores; 12MB L3 cache; 5.86GT/s; 32nm; 40W

  • 3.33 GHz Intel Xeon W3680 Processor; 6-cores; 12MB L3; 6.4GT/s; 32nm; 130W

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