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Feb 08, 2011

Eurocom All-in-One enterprise wide desktop PC replacement solution: the EUROCOM Uno 2.0 can save organizations in energy and IT management costs

Braden Taylor

As organizations experience higher costs of energy, companies are looking into energy efficient solutions. Energy conservation has become not only part of global environmental conservation efforts, but also a social and economic issue. The recent initiatives of various levels of governments and public organizations related to green projects and green purchasing to help implement the objectives of environmental conservation has brought a heightened awareness of green computing issues to the general public.

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There is growing evidence that 40-60% of total energy consumption in large size organizations is coming from data centres and IT equipment. After lighting, computers and monitors have the highest energy consumption in office environments. Studies have shown that reducing energy requirements along with the power management of computers and monitors can significantly reduce their energy consumption, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on electricity costs.

The energy consumption of computers and monitors is determined by the amount of energy they require to operate and how they are used. While the energy requirements of a device make an important contribution to its overall energy consumption, the key to reducing energy consumption is changing how devices are used. Approximately half of all office computers are left on overnight and on weekends. Evenings and weekends account for 75% of the week, so ensuring computers are turned off at night dramatically reduces their energy consumption.

Further savings are made by ensuring computers enter low power mode when they are idle during the day. Power management is a way of ensuring computers and monitors are turned off when not required and in low power mode during idle periods.

Manual power management, which relies on educating users to turn off their computers, can achieve impressive results with ongoing education and reinforcement. Alternatively, automatic power management relies on software, or built in energy saving features. Theoretically, automatic power management can achieve 100% power management, with all computers turned off when not required and in low power mode when idle.

Eurocom (www.eurocom.com) has designed the All-in-One line of Flat Panel PCs to replace highly inefficient desktop systems. “Businesses today waste a huge amount of energy powering out dated inefficient electronics, especially desktop computers that are inherently inefficient, with much of the electricity being converted into heat” explains Eurocom president Mark Bialic. Utilizing high efficiency mobile components combined with an efficient power supply the Eurocom All-in-One solution saves energy and money.

As companies experience higher costs of energy, it is becoming clear that an alternative to the traditional desktop is needed. A ‘green’ PC strategy is not only beneficial in terms of ethics and corporate responsibility but it can also significantly reduce energy costs.

Eurocom Corporation, a leader in Desktop Replacement technology has taken the next logical step in the evolution of the computer system with their release of a 74 Watts ultimate desktop replacement, the fully upgradeable All-in-One PC EUROCOM Uno 2.0 . The new system is designed to accelerate transition from energy-wasteful desktop PCs to energy efficient and eco-friendly computers .

The EUROCOM Uno 2.0 has a base price of $876 US dollars and can be upgraded with a multi-touch display, more powerful Intel Mobile Core i5, i7 and i7 extreme processors as well as an additional hard, solid state or hybrid drive and express card adapters.

The EUROCOM Uno 2 is the next logical step in the evolution of a computer system. “We have taken the best of mobile computing technology, combined it with the power of a desktop and thrown out the rest. The result? A lean, elegant, energy efficient all-in-one system” says Mark Bialic, President of Eurocom Corporation. “The only thing missing is bulk. No more worrying about a large tower, or cables. We offer our customers a truly modern system that is both ergonomic and very powerful, but which requires a minimal amount of space on a desk. When used with a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse, this system becomes a serious competitor to traditional desktop computers”, adds Mark Bialic. “What everyone has been looking for in desktop computing technology, is a system that is smaller in size than a typical desktop computer, but without compromising its power and functionality. That’s exactly what we offer.”

Key Benefits
Major IT cost reductions over desktop PCs as a small footprint, All-in-One design allows for faster installation, relocation and operation at user's location - a traditional desktop PC requires installation and configuration of two pieces of equipment (PC Tower/Desktop and monitor). Companies can take its IT support to the next level, by supporting more users per each IT staff member.
Low Environmental impact and Low Carbon Footprint. Hazard-free and low cost disposal due to usage of non-toxic, recyclable materials and lightweight small footprint design: 100% ROHS Compliant; weight 9kg (20lbs); capacity/volume 0.009 cubic meter (0.351 cubic foot).
Extreme energy cost reductions due to low energy consumption 74W versus 200W-600W for a traditional desktop PC. (53W min mode, 74W max mode; 1.2W S3, 0.6W power off.
Increased lifespan due to lower power consumption.
Substantial office space savings due to compact all-in-one design. Less desk space required. Small form-factor 450(W)x312(D)x66.5(H)mm or 18(W)x12.5(D)x2.7(H)inch; lightweight design, easy to move around 9kgs / 20lbs
Highly flexible, fully customizable and upgradeable design to meet departmental and/or individual computing requirements i.e. Processor, Hard Drive, memory or optical drive. Optional touch screen or privacy filter available.

Eurocom’s objective is to replace every single desktop computer with desktop replacement technology. Therefore, Eurocom offers it customers a complete line of desktop replacement solutions from the UNO 2.0 LCD-PC to the Mobile Panthr 2.0 Server. To address all requirements of corporate computing, the LCD-PC was designed to help corporate customers with replacing their technologically aging desktop systems. “The design of a desktop computer has not changed for the last twenty years”, says Mark Bialic. “the EUROCOM design combines functionality with power, ergonomics and looks to provide a designer technology to more demanding clients.”

The fully upgradeable EUROCOM Uno 2.0 features Intel's Mobile Processors i3, i5 and i7, 16GB of RAM, 1.24 TB Hard Drive, 1Gigabit Ethernet on-board, 2x Serial RS232; 1x External VGA; 1x HDMI-1.4 input; 1x USB 3.0; 4x USB 2.0; 1x eSATA; 1x RJ-45 LAN, and an active 19-inch Widescreen WXGA+ display, optional Multi-touch.

The Uno 2.0 All-in-One PC offers low energy consumption, space savings, esthetics of design, and removes the limitation of wires through wireless connectivity, such as a wireless keyboard and mouse and WLAN.

No Compromises
The EUROCOM Uno 2.0 doesn't sacrifice anything. “We know that even as you move into the future, you may still need a handle on the past” says Mark Bialic. “So, all the connectivity you'd expect in a regular desktop is here, and then some. We've built in a full compliment of standard "legacy" ports, as well as USB and IEEE 1394 Fire Wire. Drawing on the mobile heritage, we've included internal slots for additional devices (Wireless, Bluetooth, Flash cards). When it comes to the Internet, we're ready with both 1Gigabit Broadband/LAN (RJ-45).”

All internal components are easily accessible. Removing 5 screws on the rear panel reveals the Hard Drives, CPU, RAM, Optical Drive and option slots. All are easily upgraded with standard components

About Eurocom
Eurocom is leading developer of desktop replacement and mobile workstation technology. Eurocom began with the goal of creating the most advanced computer systems and using advanced engineering techniques typically unseen in the computer industry. The company has produced many firsts and continues to engineer well-balanced machines and VGA solutions that inspire and enable individuals to reach great possibilities. For more information on Eurocom or to customize a machine, visit Eurocom.com.