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Dec 06, 2002

Eurocom introduces combination DVD/CD recordable drives in high-end EUROCOM notebooks


OTTAWA, CANADA - Eurocom Corporation is introducing a slim combination DVD/CD recordable and rewritable drive in the high-end EUROCOM notebooks. The new SuperDrive gives EUROCOM desktop replacement notebooks the same DVD recording functionality as desktop PC's, for applications such as audio and video editing and personal digital compilations. The SuperDrive DVD Burner will allow EUROCOM customers to use DVD recording technology for creating and storing work and family related photos, files, or videos right on their notebook.

Based on the DVD-R/RW (DVD Recordable and ReWritable) format, the new SuperDrive DVD Burner drives support the most widely compatible DVD standard, giving consumers the highest level of compatibility with legacy DVD devices. The slim line SD-R6012 drive is made by Toshiba and weights just 0.2 kg.

The DVD technology is expected to replace videotape, has already replaced laser disc and will eventually replace CD-ROM/RW to become de facto standard for home entertainment and lifestyle computing. The new SuperDrive DVD Burner is a sound investment for consumers wanting to make a simple transition from CD to DVD technology.

The SuperDrive DVD Burner supports writing DVD-R/RW at 1x, writing CD-R/RW at 16x/10x, and reads 8x DVD and 24x CD. It is available in the EUROCOM 888E Dream Machine II and all EUROCOM 5600 series notebook models.

Eurocom Corporation:
Eurocom Corporation is a leading innovator in the notebook industry. The company has produced many firsts, such as manufacturing the first notebook with a 15.1-inch LCD panel and a full-size, 102-key, keyboard. Since 1989, Nepean-based Eurocom Corporation has led the Canadian Desktop Replacement Notebook™ industry with over 950 dedicated resellers and agents across Canada. A 1999 survey by International Data Corporation Canada found Eurocom fifth in the Canadian notebook industry – the only Canadian Company in the top 10. For more information please visit