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Jun 10, 2003

Eurocom launches the world's first notebook with integrated GPRS for voice and data transmission over cellular networks


OTTAWA, CANADA - Eurocom Corporation, the leader in desktop replacement notebook technology, has integrated an internal tri-band GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 module into their EUROCOM M190S World Warrior notebook allowing customers to use this notebook wherever their mobile phone works for sending email, browsing internet and talking with others around the globe over the mobile cellular networks.

The MC45 internal tri-band GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 module, integrated into the EUROCOM M190S World Warrior notebook, connects the laptop to a customer's company network to get email, the company intranet or the internet. At only 3.5 mm, the flat Siemens MC45 tri-band GSM/GPRS module offers voice and data transmission via GPRS class 10 in EGSM900, GSM1800 and 1900. It ensures secure, high-speed wireless communication from anywhere around the globe. A customer can stay connected to the network as long as he likes, but only pay for the information he sends or receives.

What is GPRS
GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) allows large amounts of data to be sent over mobile networks at speeds three to four times greater than conventional GSM systems. Because data is sent in packets, GPRS enables operators to offer customers simultaneous, data-rich services, such as multimedia messaging, gaming, entertainment, and news, over their mobiles phones right now. GPRS has no dial-up time so it is, in effect, "always on", always connected to the net.

GPRS is an enhancement of operators' existing GSM networks. GPRS allows operators to handle vast amounts of Internet data and offer rich portfolios of colorful, fun services using the GSM networks they already have. Because GSM is the most widely used mobile system in the world, for most operators GPRS is the easiest and most logical way of offering customers fast, exciting mobile internet services today.

GPRS is packet based
With GPRS data is handled as a series of "packets" that can be routed over several paths through the network, rather than as a continuous bit-stream over a dedicated dial-up connection. In second-generation mobile networks, calls are handled using traditional circuit-switching technology. A dedicated "circuit", or "timeslot", is allocated between two points for the duration of a call. No other phone can use this circuit during the call, regardless of whether any data is being transmitted.

GPRS is always on
GPRS splits information into "packets", which are transmitted over any available circuit(s). When there are no packets being sent by one phone, the circuits are made available for data packets from other phones. This makes highly efficient use of available network resources and enables the introduction of "always-on" mobile communication.

GPRS is high speed
Mobile Internet users don’t have to wait while a dial-up connection is established: they have continuous access to high-speed Mobile Internet services for as long as the phone is switched on. In today’s GSM radio networks, individual time slots offer a data rate of 9.6 Kbps (or 14.4 Kbps in some upgraded networks). GPRS uses the same time slots, but can use several at the same time - enabling much higher data rates without having to establish a dedicated connection.

GPRS is scalable
GPRS is an enhancement of existing GSM networks. It involves adding new packet data nodes to GSM networks, and software upgrades to existing nodes. Two new logical nodes are required to handle GPRS applications: the Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) and the Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN). These new nodes are scalable so operators can plan the network expansion that is most affordable and best fits customer’s needs. Operators can start by offering high-speed packet data services using small nodes in selected areas cost-effectively, and then add extra capacity as it is needed.

GPRS is rich in content
Higher data rates enable operators to broaden their service offerings enormously. GPRS-enlarged capacity, greater speeds, always-on connectivity and real-time cost savings mean a whole new world of mobile services and applications.

GPRS is easy to use
The in-depth consultation with consumers using real Mobile Internet services in up-and-running GPRS networks, it was discovered that for consumers a crucial requirement of GPRS is its ease of use. The concept is now being trialed by four major global operators. The 0,1,2,3 concept ensures all new GPRS apps and services should offer consumers:

0 zero manuals
1 one-button interface with the Internet
2 two-second connection time to services
3 a maximum of three clicks to reach their application

GPRS brings a new generation of terminals
GPRS is available to use over a whole new generation of stylish, fun, easy-to-use handheld terminals. Sony Ericsson has just released a whole new range of exciting multimedia GPRS terminals. Every major global operator now boasts a full range of GPRS phones.

GPRS means 3G services today
The packet-switching capability provided by GPRS is fundamental to the introduction of 3G mobile communications, which builds on IP-based communications to deliver broadband mobile multimedia services.

The EUROCOM M190S World Warrior is a thin (30mm/1.2") and lightweight notebook under 2 kg/4.4 lbs. With 12.1-inch XGA bright and crisp 1024-by-768 TFT Flat Panel display, up to 4 hours of battery time and optional high capacity 12-cell battery pack, Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 processor up to 2.4 GHz, up to 1 GB DDR266 DRAM, up to 60 GB 5,400rpm hard drive, optional external dual bay for floppy drive and optical drive via IDE external port, and ports such as: 1x FireWire/IEEE1394; 2x USB; 1x S/PDIF; 1x internal slot for GPRS or CDMA; 1x external IDE; 1x Headphone; 1x RJ45; 1x GPRS handset; 1x RJ11; 1x CRT; 1x Microphone, 1x Security slot, the M190S model is an ideal solution for travellers and all those who want power and connectivity in a small size package. The EUROCOM M190S World Warrior will allow customers to send emails, browse the internet or talk wherever their mobile phone connection works.

Eurocom Corporation:
Eurocom Corporation is a leading innovator in the notebook industry. The company has produced many firsts, such as manufacturing the first notebook with a 15.1-inch LCD panel and a full-size, 102-key, keyboard. Since 1989, Nepean-based Eurocom Corporation has led the Canadian Desktop Replacement Notebook™ industry with over 950 dedicated resellers and agents across Canada. For more information please visit www.eurocom.com