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Aug 29, 2005

Environmental Benefits of EUROCOM Low Power Portable PCs


Eurocom Corporation, a leader in the Desktop Replacement notebook technology since 1989, has responded to the green computing initiative launched by Canadian government to address the growing problem of high energy consumption, by offering its customers low power computing solution. The EUROCOM line of low power and small footprint Portable PC systems featuring 15-inch, 17-inch and 17-inch widescreen, has been designed as green computer solution by offering users numerous environmental benefits including high energy savings, no screen radiation, lower landfill requirements when disposing, as well as all-in-one integrated, functional, customizable and fully upgradeable design to meet individual computing requirements of environmentally conscious government, corporate and general users.




As everybody experiences higher cost of energy and interruptive blackouts, governments are looking into more energy efficient solutions such as environmentally friendly "green" building and house construction, green computing, etc. Energy conservation has become not only part of global environment conservation efforts embodied by Kyoto Agreement and various local initiatives, but also a social issue. The recent initiatives of Canadian federal government to centralize "green projects" and move into "green purchasing" to help implement the objectives of Kyoto Agreement brought a heightened awareness of the green computing issue to the general public.
Eurocom Corporation has been providing low power energy efficient computing solutions to its customers for years. Low power was always part of Eurocom R&D specifications becoming a standard feature of EUROCOM Portable PC system design.

EUROCOM Portable PCs - Green Desktop Replacement Computing
The EUROCOM line of low power All-in-One Portable PC systems featuring 15-inch, 17-inch and 17-inch widescreen, has been designed as a green computer solution by offering users the following environmental benefits:

  • Low energy consumption approximately 160W versus 500-600W for traditional desktopPC resulting in saving of energy of approximately $100 a year per user
  • "Hazard-free disposal" due to LCD screen instead of CRT usage
  • Lower landfill requirements due to small footprint compact design
  • Desk and office space savings due to compact all-in-one design
  • Reduced IT management cost due to portability, transportability and ease of connectivity (no bulky cpu tower, as all the components are integrated into one physical unit with a flat screen;
  • Reduced IT deployment costs over desktop PCs as small footprint, all-in-one design allows for faster installation and operation at user's location - a traditional desktop PC requires installation and configuration of two pieces of equipment (cpu tower and monitor)
  • Full feature all-in-one functional design including: HDD, FDD or media card reader, PCMCIA slots, 1 Gig LAN, internal WLAN, 4 USB 2.0 ports, FireWire ports, etc.
  • Customizable and upgradeable design to meet individual computing requirements (as far as Processor, Hard Drive, memory, optical drives are concerned
  • Flexible design - optional Touch Screen, Thin Client version, etc.

    EUROCOM Low Power Portable PCs - Financial benefits of energy conservation

    Eurocom Portable PC technology will provide significant energy conservation savings over traditional desktop PCs. For example, a company with one thousand installed workstations will save approximately $100,000 dollars per year in energy expenses related to IT equipment. Since EUROCOM Portable PC systems use only 160 Watts while conventional desktop PC computers consume 500 to 600 Watts, the result will be $100 savings per one computer system. The Canadian federal government currently uses 35,000 desktop PC workstations, so we can easily calculate that EUROCOM low power computing solution will save government $35 million a year in energy costs. For individual computer users choosing Portable PC technology over traditional desktop computers, the main benefit will be lower energy bills and great money savings especially during summer months when their air conditioning bills soar.


    To learn more about Canadian Government Green Initiative, read the files by Office of Greening Government Operations (OGGO) created within Public Works:

    Go to the government website talking about the issue.
    See a PDF Overview of the Green Initiative.
    Read about WHY and HOW.
    For more information on Eurocom green computing, please contact Iwona at newsroom@eurocom.com or 1-877-EUROCOM ext 247 / (613) 224-6122 ext 247 or visit our website at www.eurocom.com, go to PRODUCTS link and click on ALL-IN-ONE LCD PCs to go directly to Portable LCD PC models.
    If you are located in the Ottawa area, just drop by our showroom at 148 Colonnade Road in Nepean, ON to test drive our new "green" models.

    Eurocom Corporation:
    Eurocom Corporation is a leading innovator in the notebook industry. The company has produced many firsts, such as manufacturing the first notebook with a 15.1-inch LCD panel and a full-size, 102-key, keyboard. Since 1989, Canada-based Eurocom Corporation has led the Desktop Replacement Notebook™ industry with over 950 dedicated resellers and agents worldwide. For more information please visit www.eurocom.com