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Nov 06, 2023

Eurocom Celebrates Seventy Five Thousand custom built laptops shipped

Eurocom News Room

Eurocom hits Milestone of shipping over seventy five thousand custom built Laptops to customers worldwide

November 10, 2023 (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Eurocom Corporation, a privately held developer of high-performance, custom-made laptops for aerospace, defence, national security, policing, life science, gaming, forensics, education and for consumers wanting higher performance computing power or a specific functionality not available on the market, is announcing that they have achieved a milestone of
having sold over seventy five thousand customized laptops.

Eurocom is a provider of high-performance laptops built to meet specific customer needs. For us to meet the seventy five thousand products sold target is a massive milestone for us. Eurocom does not sell products for the mass market and some of our custom laptops are configured with high performance technology and are therefore much more expensive than laptops sold to the mass market. We have had the privilege to build some very impressive laptops for some very impressive applications and customers.

"Eurocom was founded in 1989 and we had the luxury of being a part of the Internet Bubble and the multi decade technology boom. We chose to take our own path and provide high end, laptops giving us the luxury of not having compete with the giants. Some of our new markets are exciting for us to be in and include gaming and social media. Defence, national security, and policing applications remain a large percentage of our business, but we are now seeing an increase in demand from consumers looking for laptops that are unique, highly capable and have a long-life span," added CEO of Eurocom Mark Bialic.

The success of Eurocom can be attributed to our drive to innovate and create new high performance, fully user-upgradeable and customizable mobile computing solutions.

"Our laptops are customizable and user-upgradeable, so our customer base has the ability to service and upgrade their existing Eurocom laptops purchased long ago. This allows us to help our customers reduce their information technology (IT) expenses and as our customers have become aware of the need for sustainable solutions, upgrading their existing laptops rather than replacing them is becoming a common practice," added Mr. Bialic.

"We don't know of any other Canadian companies that manufacture laptops in Canada. We found a niche, worked hard and sold a lot of product. Now we are helping our existing customers extend their laptops life span and we keep building new custom laptops for new applications but always to meet the specifications that our customers want and need," explained Mr. Bialic.

"My loyal, talented and dedicated team members past and present achieved this seventy five thousand product milestone for the company. I would like to dedicate a special thanks to all of them. This milestone means a lot to us," concluded Mr. Bialic.

About Eurocom
Privately held Eurocom has been a leading innovator in the laptop computer industry since 1989. Eurocom's expertise is in building laptops for custom applications that meet exact customer specifications.

About Eurocom

Taking the road less traveled has been a guiding philosophy of Eurocom for the past 30 years. Be unique, stand out - middle of the road just doesn't cut it. We love technology; not just for the sake of gadgets and gizmos, but for what it can do to enrich our lives.

Eurocom Corporation was founded in 1989 by President Mark Bialic. Throughout its history, Eurocom has provided high-end, innovative technology. The inventor of Desktop Replacement Notebooks™, Eurocom introduced Mobile Workstations in 2002. This was followed a few years later by the World’s First Xeon-based Mobile Server in 2007. EUROCOM was the first company to introduce upgradeable GPUs and CPUs into notebooks, the first company to build a 15" laptop and first company to offer multiple drives and RAID setup in a notebook computer.

A pioneer of computing technological standards, Eurocom pushes technology to new limits, including their invention, desktop-replacement laptops: Mobile Workstations, Mobile Servers, and Mobile Supercomputers. Eurocom’s leadership and guidance around technology development drives innovation in major technology players, including Intel, NVIDIA, and Micron. Eurocom has released numerous World Firsts, including the Eurocom 2100 in 1989, which exceeded the speed and functionality of top personal computers at the time, and incorporated the first and only 3.5” hard drive.

In 1993, Eurocom astounded the industry again by releasing the EUROCOM 8200, the first notebook to use vesa bus for video. Recently, Eurocom was awarded the Intel Form Factor Solution Innovation Award by outfitting a desktop replacement chassis with the highest quality components, including the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 series and Intel® S3700 solid state drives - chosen for their ability to support both workstation and server-class operations. Known as the EUROCOM Panther 5.0, this new super computer has the performance capabilities of a datacenter server in a portable form factor, complete with workstation tools, such as keyboard and monitor.