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Oct 25, 2023

Eurocom launches Nightsky RX415 Superlaptop for Gamers and Social Media Influencers

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October 25th, 2023 (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Eurocom Inc., a privately held developer of high performance customized laptops for aerospace, defence, national security, policing, life science, gaming, education and for consumers wanting higher performance computing power or a specific functionality not available on the market, has introduced its Nightsky RX415 Superlaptop for gamers and for social media influencers.

"Our Nightsky RX415 is designed for both professional users as well as gamers and social media influencers. Unlike any other laptop on the market it comes loaded with 10 physical ports providing unprecedented connectivity which makes it ideal for gaming and for those running businesses that require plenty of activity on social media," explained Mark Bialic, President of Eurocom.

The Nightsky RX415 Super laptop is highly upgradeable and customizable with 15.6” display, Intel Core i7-13900HX processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 or 4060 graphics, up to 16 TB of solid state storage and it can support a whopping 64 GB of DDR5 memory.

"As per our design principles it is heavy duty, yet lightweight with aluminum alloy chassis. Our customers have three options for displays, multiple options for storage and memory and the Nightsky RX415 supports the Intel Core i9 13900HX processor (24Cores/32Threads) but at the heart of the Nightsky RX415 are the graphics options of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 and 4060 graphics. With such large storage, powerful graphics and processor combination it’s the perfect laptop for professionals, social media influencers and gamers," explained Mr. Bialic.

"Security is always a priority for our laptops so we provide a Kensington Lock, Area Fingerprint and Embedded TPM 2.0 Encryption to keep our customer’s information and content secure," added Mr. Bialic.

The Eurocom Nightsky RX415 custom laptop for gamers and social media influencers is commercially available and ships within five days. Customers can customize configurations via online configurator:
Eurocom Nightsky RX415

For more information about Eurocom, the Nightsky RX415 product specifications or to purchase a Nightsky RX415 please visit EUROCOM.COM or send an email to sales@eurocom.com