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Jun 21, 2023

EUROCOM Shark 15.6” fully upgradeable laptop hijacked by Mexican cartel

Eurocom News Team

June 21, 2023
For Immediate Release

EUROCOM Shark 15.6” fully upgradeable laptop hijacked by Mexican cartel

Former Eurocom Marketing Manager, Braden Taylor and his wife were robbed in Mexico.The heavily armed bandits forced the couple from their campervan and drove off with it and everything they owned inside.

"I stood there on the side of the road in my shorts and sun glasses, without even a shirt, watching our van and home drive away on a dirt road heading into the mountains. It didn't seem real." Braden Taylor said. Among the possessions in the van was a EUROCOM Shark 15.6" laptop.

"The van was full of everything we own. That included our beloved laptop." Braden Taylor said. "Seven years ago when I decided to leave Eurocom and start a new life of travel and adventure I knew I needed a high quality computer to take with me."

"I knew I needed a robust, high quality laptop as I was moving into a van and planning on spending lots of time exploring mountains and deserts with no power outlet around. So I went on our website and built my very own, fully upgradable and customizable Eurocom laptop."

In a few days Eurocom technicians had completed the build and stress testing of the new machine. "After seven years our EUROCOM Shark became one of our most trusted tools. I created videos of our adventures for our Lifeat90kph YouTube channel and Instagram page much like I had done at Eurocom for years. We also ran our online Etsy shop with the Shark. The Shark never let us down and after all those years of bumpy and dusty roads our laptop was working like new." Braden Taylor said. "It's a real shame to lose all of those memories contained on the hard drives of that computer."

"One time I sat down on the laptop in the van and bent the display. But fortunately enough, after our first year on the road I was able to visit the Eurocom offices and have a new display installed. Since then it's been an absolute beast and has never let us down. I'm just a little more careful where I sit," Braden Taylor said.

The fact that Eurocom laptops are upgradeable and customizable was a real selling point for the former Marketing Manager. "For years I had communicated the quality of Eurocom machines and the ability that Eurocom gives its customers to choose the exact components they need for their build. I had also used a Eurocom laptop for the many years I was at Eurocom and it was also a very high quality machine that simply worked everyday, a real workhorse. So the decision to finally buy a Eurocom laptop for myself was an easy one for me." Braden Taylor said.

Eurocom is happy to assist Braden Taylor with purchasing a new machine. "After hearing about the tragedy that happened to Braden and his wife Lyndsay on their most recent trip I was heart broken. He was such an amazing part of the Eurocom family for so many years we all just wanted to help." Mark Bialic, Eurocom President said.

Braden Taylor and Lyndsay Fillier have started a fundraiser for the family of an officer who was shot and killed in a shootout shortly after the incident. "As we stood there watching our van speed away several officers passed us in pursuit of the thieves and their other stolen vehicles. A confrontation happened further down the road and we were devastated to learn that an officer was killed in the shootout. We just want to make sure his wife and kids are going to be ok." Braden Taylor said.

Here are some pics of the Shark: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UyGgvrTuCb7QRHiMA

Fundraiser: https://chuffed.org/project/97891-education-fund-for-deceased-officers-children?fbclid=PAAaZEhmb5pUQWkPF7HXAoRsUQQ1EEEioY9F-j-2c96cGb2HaJo9TuWE1Ml3k
Braden Taylor: Lifeat90kph YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/@Lifeat90kph
Lifeat90kph Instagram: www.instagram.com/Lifeat90kph

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