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Mar 07, 2019

Eurocom launches Commander C2 Blitz enterprise class laptop with Anti-Spying Offline Permanent Disconnect Factory option.

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Is your computer spying on you? Eurocom launches Commander C2 Blitz enterprise class laptop with Anti-Spying Offline Permanent Disconnect Option.

Eurocom launches the Commander C2 Blitz, a 15.6-inch enterprise class laptop loaded with features related to security and manageability while carrying unmatched connectivity and expandability. It is powered by Intel’s line of socket LGA1151 upgradeable processors up to i9 9900K 8Cores/16Threads CPU, up to 64GB of DDR4 memory and up to 18TB of internal storage space.

Along with a vPro-based LAN port and mobile broadband slot, it is equipped with wide range of I/O ports including Thunderbolt 3, multiple USB 3.0, USB 3.1, docking port, HDMI out, and a VGA port, to name few. An optional docking station is also available with hot-docking capabilities.

When it comes to security features, the Commander C2 Blitz has with a built-in Smart Card Reader, TPM 2.0 data-encryption module, a Fingerprint Reader, BIOS support for SED (Self Encrypting Drives) and a Kensington lock making it the ultimate enterprise-class laptop for security, connectivity and expandability.

“The Eurocom Commander C2 Blitz is designed for government, military, security, healthcare and corporate professionals engaged in mission-critical computing and/or handling corporate IP assets and/or customer’s sensitive data. It provides secure access via Smart Card and fingerprint reader as well as data encryption via TPM 2.0 module. The Commander C2 Blitz has a Factory- installed Offline Permanent Disconnect Option. This is an optional upgrade to physically remove all connectivity and communications components to ensure a 100% offline system for maximum security of sensitive data and protection of intellectual property. ” - Mark Bialic, Eurocom President.

Increasing Threat of Cyber-Espionage:
It is quite well known that there is a growing number of hacking groups and intelligence-gathering agencies, both domestic and international. These organizations conduct theft of intellectual property mainly through hacking and digital espionage. However, the sad reality for many federal and governmental departments is that despite this knowledge, there is little to no innovation today when it comes to making sure that crucial digital information contained within computers and other devices is fully secure. Unfortunately, most desktop and laptop computers within these types of departments only have a basic verification process through entering their username and password, making these systems an easy target for a potential data breach. As cyber-attacks increase over time, it becomes more critical for enterprises to implement multiple levels of security to ensure that their crucial data and intellectual assets remain safeguarded and uncompromised.

Eurocom’s Anti-Spying capabilities
Eurocom offers an optional service called the Factory-installed Offline Permanent Disconnect Option. This service is optional and includes the total removal of all connectivity and communications components inside the laptop. Doing this allows the system to be taken completely offline to ensure maximum security of sensitive data and protection of intellectual property. This option includes the removal of the webcam, removal of the internal microphone and the removal of all internal communication capabilities- including both wireless and Bluetooth functionality. This ability to totally go off-grid helps largely in preventing security breaches that can result in unauthorized access, tampering and even worse- cyber espionage.

MAX Security Package
All the bells and whistles mentioned above are combined together to create Eurocom’s MAX Security Package- a total security suite designed to keep laptops secure against all unwelcomed intruders. Eurocom’s complete package not only safely keeps crucial intellectual property and digital assets stored in a laptop, it also provides users much needed security and protection away from the prying eyes of cyber criminals of all types, from inexperienced hackers to international spy agencies alike.

To address many of the security issues mentioned above, Eurocom offers multiple levels of security to create some of the most secure laptops available in the market today. These levels are:
1) Encryption Key Defense: TPM 2.0
The TPM, or Trusted Platform Module, is a hardware-based encryption device embedded directly onto the computer’s motherboard. TPM ensures the cryptographic keys that lock your data are permanently protected.
2) Self Encrypting: SEDs
BIOS Support for self-encrypting drives adds another layer of security.
3) Access Management: Smart card Reader
Ensures communication between smart cards and network services.
4) Identity Verification: Fingerprint Scanner
Prevents unauthorized access by utilizing the uniqueness of the owner’s fingerprint.
5) Physical Security: Kensington cable lock
Kensington Security lock provides physical protection from theft of internal components.
Both standard and alarm cables are available.

Manageability (Intel vPro):
Simply put, Intel vPro technology allows for computers to be accessed remotely in order to perform fixes and updates to the device’s operating system, BIOS and other third-party software. This technology is ideal for companies, firms and businesses who have staff that are out on the field and are usually on the go, taking their devices with them.

For instance, if a laptop gets a virus while it is away from the office, a company will traditionally send IT staff to the laptop’s location in order to physically address the issue. This process can result in a lot of time lost for both the laptop’s user and the IT staff, not to mention other costs such as travel expenses and reduced productivity. In contrast, through Intel vPro technology, IT staff can simply gain remote access of the device, fix the issue, as well as update and reset the laptop to full working capacity- all without having to step foot outside the office.

Besides the removal of viruses and other types of malware, Intel vPro can be utilized to remotely manage and perform numerous tasks such as operating system updates, software installations, BIOS fixes and more in a secure and timely manner. This greatly frees up IT staff to make more effective use of their time that would otherwise be spent traveling to different locations in order to perform fixes and other tasks. Through Intel vPro technology, companies can save considerably on travel and maintenance costs as well as greatly improve overall staff productivity, while ensuring users have secure and working equipment needed to effectively perform their duties.

Enterprise-level Manageability, Expandability and Connectivity (or lack thereof):
The Eurocom Commander 2 Blitz is available with an optional docking station. This separate docking station is powered and hot-swappable for the user’s convenience. Using the docking station, a user is able to do away with the mess that comes with wires and cables by simply hot-docking the laptop with its docking station.

This provides an increase in connectivity and expandability, while providing easy data backup through the press of a button as the docking station is available with an optional storage drive or optical drive. Through the simple press of a button, the storage drive can act as a data backup for quick and easy data security and redundancy. More information about the docking station is below:
Docking Station:
• Dimensions and Weight: 380x206x33mm/15.2x8.24x1.32-inch; 0.85kg/1.87lb
• I/O Ports: 3x USB 2.0; 4x USB 3.0 (including 1x powered); 1x CRT; 1x DVI-D; 1x HDMI-out; 1x Headphone out; 1x Mic in; 1x S/PDIF; 1x RJ45/LAN; 1x RS232 (serial); 1x docking port; 1x DC-in, 1x Kensington Security Lock slot
• Storage: ODD (DVD-RW or Blu Ray) or HDD/SSD
• Power: external 90W AC Adapter provided

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