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Nov 30, 2018

Have you Changed the Oil in your Laptop Lately? Why should users tune up their laptops? Eurocom launches its laptop tune up program for all laptop users.

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November 30, 2018
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Why should users tune up their laptops?
Eurocom launches its laptop tune up program for all laptop users to help them improve overall performance, increase lifespan and make them happier with their laptops.

Just like a car, laptop computers greatly benefit from having regular tune-ups and maintenance. Keeping a laptop clean and running at 100% efficiency gives it better performance and most importantly extends the life of any given laptop.

With this analogy in mind, tuning up and maintaining your laptop on a regular basis can help combat every computer’s nemesis- heat and dust. Dust and debris naturally get sucked within any system as cooling fans draw in air and reduce heat. However, as dust and debris get pulled into the computer, many internal parts become coated with dirt, restricting air flow and causing the system to produce more heat. The hotter the computer runs, the slower it performs until overheating and permanent system failure eventually occurs. Regular tune ups and maintenance can help keep the fans clean and running efficiently, allowing for cooler air flow into the system’s CPU and GPU.

However, unlike a well-established “Car Culture,” there is no existing “Laptop Culture” that promotes and encourages a regular laptop maintenance schedule, which can result in advantages like extended lifespan, improved performance and increased user satisfaction.

Most, if not all, of computer vendors do not provide any guidance to their customers on how to properly maintain their expensive laptop equipment. Eurocom is one of the few exceptions in the industry, taking responsible laptop maintenance seriously as part of their R&D laptop development strategy.

Eurocom not only designs long lifespan laptops that are CPU, GPU and User-upgradeable, but also make them user-serviceable. Promoting a regular tune up schedule is a part of its product offerings and Eurocom is striving to provide laptop users detailed instructions how to do self-tune ups and maintenance.

Based on how much work a laptop needs, whether or not your laptop is a Eurocom brand, Eurocom offers several different options, or “levels,” of tune-up services. The three levels are: Quick, Base and Complete tune ups.
While the tune up levels differ in terms of services offered, how comprehensive these services are and how long they take to perform- the idea and end goal of these tune ups is the same.

That is, to understand the internal parts of a laptop system- directly similar to how an experienced mechanic thoroughly walks around and inspects a car before taking on a plan of action. By doing this, a user is aware of their laptops’ current health and needs prior to performing any type of maintenance or upgrades.

Once the laptop system has been thoroughly inspected and evaluated, it becomes much easier to address any known problems and threats such as malware threats, performance bottlenecks, application-based or operating system-based issues, to name a few.

The Quick Tune Up process is something that all laptop users are encouraged to do, if they are able to. After a quick physical and visual inspection of the laptop, one vital step in this Tune Up process is the re-application of a high-quality CPU and GPU Thermal Paste such as Grizzly Kryonaut.

Unfortunately, it has become a trend that most OEMs tend to use cheap thermal paste on laptops, which typically harden and crust after a few years, resulting in higher overall heat output. This can cause the laptop to overheat and can even result in long-term damage.

Eurocom separates themselves from most OEMs by using high-quality, high-performance Thermal Paste in all the laptops they service as part of the Quick Tune up package. Using high-performance Thermal Paste goes a long way in improving a laptop’s heat dissipation and prolong the lifespan of a system’s CPU and GPU hardware.

The Base Tune Up is the second level of tuning and maintenance service offered by Eurocom. This level includes everything done in the “Quick” tune up process, as well as additional services for customers looking for a deeper level of tuning and maintenance on their laptops.

One important service to highlight in this process is the Operating System maintenance, where a quick inspection of the Operating System and applications installed is done to see if there are any issues, bugs or corrupted files that may lead to crashes and errors.

A quick storage disk cleanup is also performed before a Eurocom technician gives a basic “Upgrade Review,” which is an evaluation of how to take care of performance bottlenecks specific to the laptop.

The Complete Tune Up is the most comprehensive of the three Eurocom tune up packages. This top-level tune up service not only involves every single service performed in the previous two levels, but also includes several more processes, making it the most thorough and the most time consuming of the three tune up services.

It is important to note that a full Operating System(s) and application(s) migration can be done by Eurocom at an extra cost. This premium service also includes a thorough storage device diagnostic scan to check for all possible malware/spyware/virus threats, a complete disk cleanup and defragmentation, along with a full system diagnostic and stress test.

Eurocom also upgrades the laptop’s firmware (SBIOS/EC/VBIOS) to their latest versions, updates storage drives (HDD and/or SSD) firmware and removes any unused legacy software. On the hardware side, a complete system inspection will be done, including tightening the system screws, cleaning the battery contacts and oil hinges.

The laptop’s battery will be inspected, tested and if there are any serious battery problems, an additional cost may be required.

Finally, the most comprehensive “Upgrade Review” will be given by an experienced Eurocom technician with the end goal of optimizing the system to be as free of malware and prevent software issues as much as possible, whilst making sure that the laptop’s hardware infrastructure is functioning at peak efficiency.

The complexity and inner workings of a laptop, with many electronic parts working together at once, can be directly compared to an automobile. Just like a car, routine and regular inspection of a laptop can help maintain not only its functionality, but also its value.

Whether it is a computer or a vehicle, a system’s ability to perform at a high level greatly depends on how well it is maintained and tuned-up. Keeping your laptop clean- both physically and digitally- is a crucial step in maintaining a laptop’s performance and functionality- just like tuning up and maintaining the engine of a highly sophisticated race car!

Eurocom’s tune up and laptop maintenance Tune Up Your Laptop

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