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Mar 10, 2017

Innovative hardware designers, developers and manufactures are driving NVIDIA’s growth in 2017. Eurocom's GPU-upgradeable strategy creates new opportunities for the entire GPU sector.

Amanda Karttunen
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March 10, 2017 – NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA), a graphics processing unit manufacturer, is experiencing tremendous revenue growth and increasing profits to a record high.

GPU-upgradeable strategy creates new opportunities for the entire GPU sector.

As of closing on March 9, the publicly-traded company’s stock price on the NASDAQ was 98.54 (USD), a vast increase over this date last year when their stock was sitting at 31.73 (USD). Due to their solid earnings, and combined with the Semiconductor industry earnings revision activity as of late, analysts are seeing NVIDIA’s potential in both the short and long term.

NVIDIA saw an incredible jump in their stock price in November 2016 when they reported higher than estimated earnings in the third quarter. Across key segments, NVIDIA reported 63% growth in the gaming market year-over-year to reach $1.2 billion in revenue, an incredible 193% in the data center market for a revenue of $240 million, and 61% in automotive to reach $127 million.

NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang made a statement attributing part of the recent success to their Pascal GPUs, “Our new Pascal GPUs are fully ramped and enjoying great success in gaming, virtual reality, self-driving cars and datacenter AI computing.”

Another important factor fueling their growth is independent hardware developers and manufacturers. Hardware developers like Eurocom are putting NVIDIA’s technological innovations to practical use in markets like gaming and virtual reality (VR). Eurocom laptops provide a platform for NVIDIA’s GPUs to reach gamers and those focused on VR. Due to Eurocom’s top-of-the-line components and manufacturing, NVIDIA’s technology is able to perform at its peak, supported by a complete line of products.

Eurocom is a high-end, high-performance CPU- and GPU-upgradeable laptop developer with the philosophy that everything is fully upgradeable, customizable, and serviceable. Their core technologies include Quadro-based Mobile Workstations, Xeon-based Mobile Servers, and GTX 1080 SLI high-performance VR supergaming supercomputer class laptops.

According to Eurocom’s President, Mark Bialic, “NVIDIA can increase their growth by providing a complete line of MXM based modular GPUs to highly technical and discriminating clients who are looking for superior performance, flexibility, upgradeability, long-term stability, and extremely long lifespan.”

Eurocom’s growth comes from providing flexibility to clients with products like module (MXM) GPUs, whose success then fuels NVIDIA’s growth as a manufacturer of the components. Eurocom, over the years, demonstrated technological leadership by introducing a number of World Firsts, including upgradeable GPU and CPU technology. Eurocom believes customers should have choices and is looking forward to more choices from NVIDIA that can be deployed in a variety of different computing platforms.

“Eurocom sees the future growth of NVIDIA GPUs in executing a full promise of GPU-upgradeable technology via module MXM,” projects Mark Bialic, “for deployment in various form factors from laptops to small form factor PCs and high-end gaming systems. Ideally, we would like to see a single GPU module that can be deployed in all of these form factors.”

Partnerships with hardware designers, developers, and manufacturers support and drive growth for major manufacturers like NVIDIA, positively contributing to NVIDIA’s stock shareholder value. Gaming is a growing market with VR driving it to new heights. By 2020, the VR market is projected to be worth $70 billion. Late in 2016, NVIDIA positioned themselves to benefit further from the growth of the gaming and VR market – they released three new laptop GPUs that are VR-ready.

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) in February of this year indicated, “GPU sales will benefit due to increased demand for gaming PCs and the rise of interest in VR, which requires powerful graphics processing.” The projected increase in demand is good news for both NVIDIA and independent hardware developers and manufacturers.

About Eurocom

Since 1989, Eurocom, a privately-held company, is a leading developer of fully-customizable, CPU- and GPU-upgradeable, heavy-duty, long-lifespan laptops. A pioneer of computing technological standards, Eurocom pushes technology to new limits, including their desktop-replacement laptops: Mobile Workstations, Mobile Servers, and Mobile Supercomputers. Eurocom’s leadership and guidance around technology development drives innovation in major technology players, including Intel, NVIDIA, and Micron. Eurocom has released numerous World Firsts, including the Eurocom 2100 in 1989, which exceeded the speed and functionality of top personal computers at the time, and incorporated the first and only 3.5” hard drive. Currently, Eurocom offers the unique 15.6” GTX 1080 Tornado 5 laptop, Xeon-based Mobile Servers, and module (MXM) GPU laptops. Eurocom is also credited with releasing products associated with laptop technology, such as the external 780 Watt AC/DC Adapter/Power Supply, released in January 2017, and prides itself on providing solutions for engineering deployment.

Eurocom’s specifications include your choice of NVIDIA Quadro-based MXM and GTX GeForce 1080 SLI GPUs, choice of 15.6” and 17.3” 4K UltraHD, QHD, and FHD with up to four active displays housed in a heavy-duty mechanical design (designed for unintentional abuse). With fast delivery and friendly, personal support, Eurocom offers the ultimate amount of choice for clients with a number of product categories available.

For more information about Eurocom, visit: www.eurocom.com