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Jul 29, 2010

Eurocom ships notebook with 2TB Seagate MomentusR XT Solid State Hybrid Drives


Eurocom adds up to 2TB of high performance Seagate Momentus(r) XT
Solid State Hybrid Drives to its line of high end notebooks

Eurocom , the world's leading developer of highly personalized,
high-performance notebook PCs is pleased to announce the latest addition
to line of high end notebooks: the Momentus(r) XT Solid State Hybrid
Drives. With this addition, Eurocom strengthens its reputation as an
innovative company that offers tailor made solutions to fit the
individual needs of its customers.

This new solid state hybrid drive gives Eurocom's customers the ability
to have Solid State Drive (SSD) like performance with hard drive
capacity options. This new product-line of Seagate is available in the
500GB, 320GB and 250GB option, all featuring a SATA 3Gb/s with Native
Command Queuing (NCQ) interface.

With Eurocom's ability to fit up to four physical hard drives in their
high performance mobile workstations in combination with the large
storage capacity of the Momentus(r) XT Solid State Hybrid Drives the
total storage capacity in the mobile workstation can get up to 2
Terabyte. The multiple hard drives also allow the usage of RAID 0, RAID
1, RAID 5 and even RAID 10 which provide both data redundancy and
increased disk performance.

With its hard drive rotating at an impressive 7200 rpm the Seagate
Momentus(r) XT Solid State Hybrid Drives allows the workstation to
perform at tremendous speeds without having to sacrifice storage
capacity. The Momentus XT drive also features Adaptive Memory(tm) - a
groundbreaking new technology from Seagate that learns and optimizes the
driver's performance to each user by moving frequently used information
into the flash memory for faster access.

Key specifications Momentus(r) XT Hybrid Drives:
- 500GB, 320GB and 250GB hard drive capacity options
- 4GB SLC NAND solid state memory
- 7200-RPM spindle speed
- 32MB of drive-level cache
- Interface: SATA 3Gb/s with Native Command Queuing (NCQ)

The Momentus(r) XT Hybrid Drives is as of today an available upgrade for
Eurocom's product line. Seagate used the Single-Level Cell (SLC)
technology over its Multi-Level Cell (MLC) counterpart for the
Momentus(r) XT Hybrid Drives to increase the reading and writing speed
of the drive. On top of that they also used the NCQ technology to keep
the drive active in the time it takes to complete a request and the
release of the next one and thereby also increases the processing speed.

The SLC technology also enhances the lifespan and thus the reliability
of the drive since experts believe the lifespan of SLC SSD drives is 10
times longer than that of an MLC SSD. This new piece of technology will
increase the already very high processing power, speed and storage space
of the Eurocom products.

Eurocom is continuously looking for new and innovative components to
provide high-end mobile solutions to its customers. Their products can
be configured to serve the needs of the user. The new Momentus(r) XT
Hybrid Drives addition is just one of the many options Eurocom offers
its customers. For high graphic performance requirements Eurocom allows
you to upgrade your VGA card to a NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800M, GeForce GTX
480M or ATi Radeon Mobility HD5870 and supports both SLI and CrossFireX.

This makes it an ideal product for gamers and professionals in the
graphics industry. For professionals with high storage capacity demands,
Eurocom's mobile workstation solutions allow you to add up to 4 physical
hard drives up to 2TB of storage and RAID 0/1/5/10 support.

The redundancy and increased reliability through the opportunity of RAID
techniques up to RAID 10 is a very important asset for the Mobile

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