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Jul 08, 2016

Eurocom launches Graphics Card Upgrade Zone with special 15% discount offer if you like Eurocom Facebook page –For One Week Only

Braden Taylor

Eurocom is launching an upgrade zone for laptop component upgrades. Now customers have an easy location to transform ones laptops into a high performance new system.

To celebrate we are offering 15% discount on any Graphics Upgrade Kit this July by liking the Eurocom Facebook page.

From July 8-15, 2016 anyone who likes the Eurocom Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/EurocomTechnology/) is eligible for 15% off any Graphics Card upgrade kit for any supported laptop.

If you already LIKE Eurocom on Facebook you are already eligible for this promotion.

Eurocom upgrade experts are tirelessly testing and verifying new systems and new components to give our customers as many upgrade options as possible. Many laptops are equipped with MXM graphics that can allow for a quick and easy graphics card upgrade to being the performance of your laptop up to modern standards with the most up to date technology.

We supply upgrade videos, upgrade guides and also provide an upgrade service where our experts upgrade your laptop for you. Ship your system to Eurocom, we upgrade it, test it and then send it back to you.

Eurocom provides everything for an easy upgrade including the X-bracket, screws, thermal pads, and thermal paste and can provide heatsinks that may be needed to handle a new graphics card.

Having an upgradeable laptop is essential if the user wants to extend the lifespan of the system through repairs or performance increases.

“Breathe the life back into your laptop with the performance of a Eurocom Graphics Card upgrade kit” Mark Bialic, Eurocom President.

Eurocom is offering upgrade solutions for phased out laptop models to allow consumers and companies alike to extend the life span of their systems while benefiting from enhanced performance and usage of new software that requires new graphics.

Eurocom and several other laptop developers integrate MXM 3.0b technology into their high performance notebooks and gaming laptops because it allows those systems to support the most powerful graphics technology on the market while allowing for possible upgrade options.

Notebooks or laptops that incorporate MXM 3.0b can be easily upgraded with newer or higher performing cards of the same standard. This allows users who have purchased an upgradeable system to improve the performance and increase the lifespan of their system with an easy upgrade.

How to place an order with the 15% discount on your upgrade kit:
1. Like the Eurocom Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/EurocomTechnology/
2. Purchase the upgrade kit of your choice at this link: http://www.eurocom.com/ec/upgrades()ec
i. Select the Laptop Brand
ii. Select the Laptop Model
iii. Choose the graphics card upgrade kit
iv. Click “Order”
v. Enter all relevant information in the e-order form
vi. In the “Configuration Instructions” box fill out:
a. I liked Eurocom on Facebook!
b. My Facebook name is:
c. The link to my Facebook Page is:
3. Click “order”

Online Resources:
Eurocom Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/eurocomtechnology
Eurocom Upgrade Zone: http://www.eurocom.com/ec/upgrades()ec
Upgrade Request: https://web.eurocom.com/ec/supportr()ec