Raptor X17 powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 (9728 CUDA) now available with i9-14900HX (24C/32T); 96GB DDR5; and 24TB of RAID 0/1/5 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSDs
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Oct 15, 2014

Eurocom launches new 1000: 1, Quad-HD, 2560x1440, 13.3” display for the M4 high performance, upgradeable notebook with Intel Core i7 4940MX, TPM 1.2, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M

Braden Taylor

At Eurocom, laptop upgradeability is king, and now we are launching another hi-resolution display option for the EUROCOM M4 13.3” high performance monster. Now customers have the option between three hi-res displays starting with the 3200x1800 Quad-HD+ masterpiece, the 1920x1080 Full-HD gem and now the 2560x1440 tour de force with a whopping 1000: 1 contrast ratio. Customers can choose the exact display that suits their needs and budget.

“The three display options coupled with the high performance components of the EUROCOM M4 make it a very desirable product for users who require a high performance laptop that is very thin, light and mobile” Mark Bialic, Eurocom President.

A great computing experience is all about great visuals, the M4 does not disappoint with a choice between three beautiful 13.3” 3200x1800 QHD+, 2560x1440 Quad HD matte and 1920x1080 Full HD matte displays powered by powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics.

The staggering 3.6 million pixels (3,686,400) provide unreal sharpness and clarity, while the 1000: 1 contrast ratio of the new 2560x1440 display contributes to deliver a crisp, stunning image.

The EUROCOM M4 offers shocking performance, buttery smooth frame rates, long battery life and ultra-portability. A perfect fit for those who want to conquer today’s mobile world. Performance comes by way of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics and optional Intel Core i7 processors up to i7-4940MX Extreme, up to 16 GB DD3-1600 memory and up to 3.5 TB storage with 2 mSATA SSDs and one 9.5 mm storage drive bay.

For gamers and professionals alike that are on the move, security is essential to keep important data and intellectual property out of unwanted hands. The integrated Trusted Platform Module 1.2 from Infineon Technologies ensures that digital certificates, passwords and keys are made more secure from software attacks and physical theft. TPM provides the ability for a computing system to run applications more secure and allows secured remote access to perform electronic transactions and communication more safely. The increased security, brought on by the TPM 1.2 can save organizations in IT management costs.

Up to 16 GB DDR3-1866 SODIMM memory is supported via two slots with 8 GB modules that are easy to access to upgrade or replace.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M GPU provides a potent combination of immersive features and performance that you deserve for all your games, applications, and entertainment; while also providing intelligent power features to extend battery life.

Powered by a full line of 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processors utilizing the Intel HM87 Express Chipset including the Intel Core i7-4940MX Processor Extreme with 4 cores and 8 threads running at 3.1 GHz (up to 4 GHz max turbo frequency) with 8 MB L3 cache.

EUROCOM M4 Display Options:
- 13.3-inch (33.78cm); QHD+ 3200x1800; GT (Glare Type); 800:1; Backlight LED; eDP; Samsung LTN133YL01-L01
- 13.3-inch (33.78cm); QHD 2K 2560x1440; Matte; 1000:1; Backlight LED; eDP; Sharp LQ133T1JW02
- 13.3-inch (33.78cm); FHD 1920x1080; Matte (Non-Glare); 700:1; Backlight LED; eDP; CHIMEI N133HSE-EA1

QHD 2K 2560x1440 Display Specifications
- Size: 13.3-inch (33.78cm)
- Resolution: 2560x1440
-Pixels: 3,686,400
- Surface: Matte
- Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
- Luminance: 350 cd/m2 (Typ.)

EUROCOM M4 Specifications:
Display: 13.3-inch (33.78cm)
VGA Technology: on-board NVIDIA GTX 860M (Maxwell); 2GB of DDR5 VRAM; with NVIDIA Battery Boost and
GPU Boost 2.0
Chipset: High Performance Intel Mobile HM87 Express (Haswell)
Processor: up to Intel® Core™ i7-4940MX Processor Extreme Edition with HD Graphics 4600
Memory: up to 16GB DDR3L-1600/1866; two SODIMM sockets; Dual Channel
Storage: up to 3.5TB of storage; 3 physical SATA3 (6Gb/s) drives; 2x mSATA3 + 1x HDD/SSD
Keyboard: Backlit keyboard with 3-levels of intensity
Audio System: Sound Blaster Cinema; High Definition Audio; 2 built-in speakers and microphone
Ports: USB 2.0; 3x USB 3.0 (1x powered AC/DC); HDMI 1.4a out; VGA; Headphone; Mic; RJ45/LAN
Communication: 1Gigabit LAN; WLAN; Bluetooth
Weight: 2kg / 4.4lbs (with battery)
Dimensions: WxDxH 330x227x31.9mm; 13.2x9.98x1.28-inch
Battery Life: up to 300 minutes; 62.16WH battery
Security: Kensington Lock and Embedded TPM 1.2 (optional)

About Eurocom:
Since 1989, Eurocom has been a leading developer of long lifespan, fully upgradable notebooks, high performance mobile workstations and mobile servers. Eurocom has produced many firsts and continues to engineer solutions that inspire and enable individuals and companies to reach great possibilities. For more information on Eurocom please visit www.eurocom.com.