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Jul 07, 2006

Eurocom launches new Upgradeable notebook VGA modules with 512MB Video


Eurocom Corporation, a leader in the Desktop Replacement notebook technology since 1989, has launched new upgradeable notebook VGA modules with 512 MB of DDR video memory in Mobile Workstation class of EUROCOM notebooks. The new 512 MB video modules offer professional users improved performance in video, graphics, gaming and any 3D or simulation applications. The high-end EUROCOM notebooks featuring new upgradeable 512MB video modules are designed for graphic dependent professional users such as CAD, 2D and 3D designers, engineers, architects, scientists, researchers, photographers, animators, video and audio producers, game developers and players.
The new upgradeable 512 MB VGA modules are available in NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900GTX and NVIDIA Quadro FX2500M (supporting OpenGL) graphics processing units (GPUs) and are supported by the EUROCOM Mobile Workstation class of notebooks such as: M590K Emperor, D900K F-Bomb, D900T Phantom and M570U Divine models. New 512MB new VGA modules offer users improved performance for video, graphics, gaming and any 3D or simulation applications.

Extreme HD on EUROCOM Notebooks
Users will be able to experience Extreme High Definition (XHD) on a EUROCOM notebook with NVIDIA� GeForce� Go 7900 GPUs when playing today�s graphic intensive games with advanced 3D graphic engines at extreme HD resolution. In addition to gaming, users will be able to watch HD videos on a notebook featuring the advanced NVIDIA� PureVideo� technology; high-definition video playback and superb picture clarity on notebook PCs. They will enjoy the latest features without compromising performance or frame rates � anytime, anywhere. XHD has over 4x the picture clarity of native 1080i HD televisions and 2x the picture clarity of 1080p HD televisions on today�s hottest PC games.

NVIDIA� PureVideo� Technology
NVIDIA� PureVideo� technology is the combination of a high-definition video processing core and software that delivers unprecedented picture clarity, smooth video, accurate color, and precise image scaling for video content. It delivers home-theater quality high-definition video.

CineFX 4.0
The fourth-generation NVIDIA� CineFX� engine builds unimaginable speed into the NVIDIA� GeForce� graphics processing units (GPUs). Using the CineFX 4.0 engine, developers can create and display the most advanced and high-quality visual effects for emerging PC games and other cutting-edge visual applications. Every requirement for 3D visualization falls into one of two categories�performance or image quality�and being able to carry out more calculations in less time with the highest possible image quality. The new NVIDIA GeForce 7 Series and GeForce Go 7 Series GPUs featuring the CineFX 4.0 engine incorporate architectural advancements that accelerate the most common operations required for 3D visualizations. This allows for more complex shader effects while maintaining the highest levels of image quality.

Upgradeable Graphics on high-end EUROCOM notebooks
The EUROCOM high-end Mobile Workstation notebooks offer users upgrade ability of graphics and support multiple VGA options from Nvidia and/or ATI. When buying a EUROCOM high-end notebook, users can choose which graphics card they want and yet they can still upgrade it later if needed.

Eurocom supports Windows 64-bit OS
Eurocom provides their customers with the most advanced computer technology on a portable platform. The high-end EUROCOM notebook models such as D900T Phantom, D900K F-Bomb and M590K Emperor already offer users 64-bit Operating System. 64-bit Windows XP Pro 64 operating system fully exploits the power of a dedicated GPU (graphics processing unit). Most aspects of 64-bit Windows XP Pro 64, from the opening and closing of desktop windows, to the smooth operation of applications, games, and high-definition video, will be enhanced by the presence of a dedicated NVIDIA GPU. NVIDIA delivers an unsurpassed experience with its complete line-up of GPUs and MCPs (media and communications processors) that are built for 64-bit OS. Computing will never be the same with 64-bit technology.

Eurocom Corporation: Eurocom Corporation is a leading innovator in the notebook industry. The company has produced many firsts, such as manufacturing the first notebook with a 15.1-inch LCD panel and a full-size, 102-key, keyboard. Since 1989, Canada-based Eurocom Corporation has led the Desktop Replacement Notebook� industry with over 950 dedicated resellers and agents worldwide. For more information please visit www.eurocom.com