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Sep 12, 2006

Eurocom Adds Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo to Their Notebook Line


Eurocom, a leader in upgradeable notebook technology, has updated their notebook line with Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processors. The new EUROCOM systems, from value notebooks through middle range desktop replacement and lightweight notebooks to high-end mobile workstations, now offer users exceptional multimedia, optimized power efficient computing and breakthrough dual-core performance.
Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo Processor

Based on revolutionary Intel® CoreTM microarchitecture, the breakthrough Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processor family is designed to provide powerful energy-efficient performance so that users can do more at once without slowing down. With Intel® CoreTM2 Duo desktop processor, users can experience revolutionary performance, unbelievable system responsiveness, and energy-efficiency second to none. And, they will not have to slow down for virus scan, multiple compute intensive programs, or multimedia downloads - these desktop processors are up to 40 percent faster and over 40 percent more energy-efficient. The new Intel® CoreTM2 Duo mobile processor provides a mobility upgrade to Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile technology by offering users twice the multitasking performance while using 28 percent less power for the benefit of a powerful dual-core PC plus all the benefits of mobility.

The Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo Mobile processors offer users latest arsenal of performance-rich technologies, including up to 4MB of shared L2 cache and up to 667 MHz Front Side Bus:

Intel® Wide Dynamic Execution, enabling delivery of more instructions per clock cycle to improve execution time and energy efficiency
Intel® Intelligent Power Capability, designed to deliver more energy-efficient performance and smarter battery performance in your laptop
Intel® Smart Memory Access, improving system performance by optimizing the use of the available data bandwidth
Intel® Advanced Smart Cache, providing a higher-performance, more efficient cache subsystem. Optimized for multi-core and dual-core processors
Intel® Advanced Digital Media Boost, accelerating a broad range of applications, including video, speech and image, photo processing, encryption, financial, engineering and scientific applications
EUROCOM notebooks supporting new Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo Processor

The EUROCOM Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processor-based systems are designed for higher performance and energy efficiency, letting users enjoy higher performing, ultra-quiet, and low power computing. They offer exceptional multimedia, optimized power efficient computing and breakthrough dual-core performance so that users can do more at the same time, like playing their favorite music, running virus scan in the background, while editing video or pictures. EUROCOM offers Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo technology in all four main categories of portable computers:

Mobile Workstations with Upgradeable VGA Technology

Thin & Light Notebooks with Long Battery Life

Desktop Replacement Upgradeable Notebooks

Value Notebooks Perfect for Home and Small Business

The EUROCOM models available with Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo Processor are:

EUROCOM M520N Voyage Duo - Thin & Light
One of the lightest all-in-one notebooks on the market features a 12.1-inch display, weighs a mere 4.4 pounds or under 2 kg and offers up to four hours battery life. It is only 1 inch thin, small enough to fit in a backpack and light enough to carry around all day. It features a built-in Wireless rotating 1.3 Megapixels Webcam for instant video conferencing on the move. Enabled with both Wireless LAN and Bluetooth technology, the M520N Voyage allows users to surf the Web in any Wi-Fi hot spot, from hotels to bookshops or the comfort of a couch or bed.

EUROCOM M540N VOYAGE - - Thin & Light
A Thin & Light notebook with 14-inch display allows users to stay connected with friends and family, completing important projects or just relaxing while watching their favorite movie. At 4.5 lbs, the M540N Voyage delivers the perfect blend of performance and portability to accomplish any task. It offers up to 3.5 hours of battery life. Built-in 1.3 megapixel webcam enables live video communication without the hassle of external devices or wires from any location.

EUROCOM M660N MILANO DUO - Desktop Replacement
A Mobile Entertainment notebook for music, video and computing with extra bright 15.4-inch wide-screen display, designed for all-day pleasure and/or business computing. Fully ready for "new wireless world" with internal wireless WLAN, Bluetooth and built-in video webcam. Equipeed with all-in-one DVD-burner, the M660N allows users to burn DVD-RW or DVD-R discs, burn CD's, watch their favourite DVD movies or just listen to CDs.

EUROCOM M570U DIVINE - Mobile Workstation
The most powerful notebook on the market that deliver higher performance in 2D and 3D graphics, video editing, and music encoding. The M570U offers users up to two physical Serial ATA hard drives with RAID 0,1 and upgradeable VGA graphics with Nvidia GeForce Go7900GTX or Nvidia Quadro FX2500M with 256MB or 512MB of GDDR3 VRAM for superfast graphics performance. Designed for high-performance professional computing, gaming, movies, digital photography, and video editing, it delivers an ultra-smooth game play and digital media experience.

The Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processors available in EUROCOM notebooks are:

T7600 with 65 nm architecture, 4MB L2 cache and 2.33 GHz 667 MHz
T7400 with 65 nm architecture, 4MB L2 cache and 2.16 GHz 667 MHz
T7200 with 65 nm architecture, 4MB L2 cache and 2.00 GHz 667 MHz
T5600 with 65 nm architecture, 2MB L2 cache and 1.83 GHz 667 MHz
T5500 with 65 nm architecture, 2MB L2 cache and 1.66 GHz 667 MHz
With up to 4 MB L2 shared cache, the Intel Core 2 Duo processors offer even more efficient data sharing, providing enhanced performance, responsiveness and power sharing. The 4 MB cache allows EUROCOM users to enjoy a greater than 20% performance increase when doing processor-intensive tasks like multitasking compared to previous-generation laptops with Intel� Core� Duo processors. EUROCOM systems powered by Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processors provide users with the speed needed to perform any and all tasks imaginable. All models support Microsoft Vista Operating System.
Eurocom Corporation: Eurocom Corporation is a leading innovator in the notebook industry. The company has produced many firsts, such as manufacturing the first notebook with a 19-inch LCD panel and SLI graphics technology and implemented a full-size, 102-key, keyboard. For more information please visit www.eurocom.com