CLEVO N350TV/TW (Feb 1, 2019) 15.6-inch FHD 1920-by-1080 pixels; 16:9 panel; 3.8mm; eDP; LCD can be open up to 180 degrees.

  • Graphics: on-board; Intel HD Graphics 630 (iGPU); Coffee Lake
  • Processor: on-board; Socket LGA1151 Coffee Lake; 8th and 9th generation up to i9-9900K - iGPU: HD Graphics 630
  • AC Adapter: 65W standard AC Adapter
  • O/S Supported: Windows 10
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    Base Configuration
      Services: UNLOCKED BIOS Update
      - Unlocked BIOS Update Service
      - N350TV/TW Motherboard
      CPU Fan
      - N350DV/TV; SYSTEM FAN; 31-N75W2-101
      Back LCD Cover
      - Back Cover Assembly (15.6 inch models)
      Front Cover
      - Front Cover (15.6-inch models)
      Top Case
      - Top Case - 15.6 inch - Model Specific
      Bottom Case
      - Bottom Case - 15.6 inch - Model Specific
      Keyboard (internal)
      - Backlit; English; USA/Canada; QWERTY


      Internal Optical Drive
      - 6x Blu-Ray WRITER; Tray; SATA; LG BU40N; 100/128GB; 9.5mm
      - 8x Multi DVD +-RW/-RAM Burner; Dual Layer; Tray Load; SATA LG GUDON 9.5mm
      AC Adapter
      - 65W AC Adapter; 100-250V Auto-Switching
      - 120W AC Adapter; 100-240V Auto-Switching
      - N350DV\DW Battery - 6-cells; 87-N350S-4D7
      - N350DV\DW Battery - High Capacity 9-cells; 87-N350S-4D82
      Docking Station
      - CLEVO N350 Docking Station w/ AC Adapter - p/n - 79-DS200000110