15.6-inch FHD 1920-by-1080 pixels or 4K UltraHD 3840-by-2160 pixels; eDP

  • MSI MS16L1 15.6-inch Notebook

  • Graphics: Upgradeable MXM 3.0b; single GPU
  • AC Adapter: 230W standard; 330W Available
  • O/S Supported: Windows 8x/10
  • System BIOS Version: 10F
  • EC Version: 107

    In order for you to use the GTX 1080 you must have the motherboard that supports the GTX 1080. If you purchased your notebook before this model was capable of using the GTX 1080 your motherboard will not support it! The upgrade to make your motherboard capable of using the GTX 1080 is available below listed under Services.
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    Base Configuration
      - Tornado F5/F5W/F5SE Unlocked BIOS
      - Upgrade MSI MS16L1 Motherboard to make it capable to use the Nvidia GTX 1080 - Shipping Extra
      - Upgrade Installaion service - Install of replacement parts for your Eurocom Notebook - 1 Hours labor included
      AC Adapter
      - 230W; 100V-250V; Auto-Switching
      - 280W; 100-240V 50-60Hz Auto-switching (worldwide)
      - 780W AC Adapter; 110V-250V Auto Switching; 325x110x40mm; 3lbs/1.3kg; w/ DC cable
      - 330W AC Adapter; 100-240V; 50-60Hz; DC 19.5V @ 16.9A; 4pin round plug
      - Battery Pack; Li-Ion - 8 Cells
      LCD Cables
      - MS16L1 Cable for UHD 4K LCD panel; 40pin; eDP; P/N: K1-N3040-42H39 (cable only)
      - MS16L1 Cable for FHD LCD panel; 30pin; eDP; P/N: K1-N3040-58H39 (cable only)
      LCD Panels
      - 15.6in; FHD; 120Hz; Matte; AUO B156HTN05.2; eDP; 30pin
      - 15.6in; FHD 60Hz; MATTE; 700:1; NTSC 72%; LG LP156WF6-SP B1
      - 15.6in; UHD 60Hz; Matte; eDP; Samsung LTN156FL02-101
      GPU-1 Upgrade Kit (Primary)
      - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M; 8GB DDR5; MXM 3.0b; 100W; Upgrade Kit with X-bracket, screws, thermal pads, ICD7 Thermal Paste
      - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M; 6GB DDR5; MXM 3.0b; 80W; Upgrade Kit with X-bracket, screws, thermal pads, ICD7 Thermal Paste
      - 8GB GDDR5; NVIDIA GTX 1080 (desktop); 2560 CUDA; N17E-G3; MXM 3.1; w/ X-bracket, screws, thermal pads, ICD7
      - 6GB GDDR5; NVIDIA GTX 1060; 1280 CUDA; N17E-G1; 100x124mm; MXM 3.1 w/ power cable, X-bracket, screws, thermal pads, ICD7
      - 4GB GDDR5; NVIDIA Quadro M3000M (N16E-Q1);75W;Upgrade Kit with X-bracket, screws, thermal pads, ICD7 Thermal Paste
      - Quadro P5000; 16GB GDDR5; N17E-Q5; 2048 CUDA; MXM 3.1b; 82x105mm; 100W with X-bracket, screws, thermal pads, ICD7 Thermal Paste
      - 2GB GDDR5; NVIDIA Quadro M1000M (N16P-Q1);40W;Upgrade Kit with X-bracket, screws, thermal pads, ICD7 Thermal Paste
      - 8GB GDDR5; NVIDIA Quadro M5000M (N16E-Q5);100W:Upgrade Kit with X-bracket, screws, thermal pads, ICD7 Thermal Paste
      GPU-1 Heatsink (Primary)
      - MSI MS16L1 GPU HEATSINK; E31-0408030-A02
      Extra X-bracket / GPU Supporter
      - GPU Spreader / X-Bracket for MXM 3.0b/3.1 NVIDIA GTX and Quadro with Matching Screws
      Extra Thermal Pads
      - Set of thermal pads for NVIDIA based MXM3 GPUs
      - Set of thermal pads for NVIDIA desktop video cards
      Extra Screws for X-Bracket
      - VGA/GPU X-Bracket / GPU Supporter Screws
      Thermal Paste for GPU/CPU
      - IC Diamond Thermal Paste ICD7; 1 Tube; 1.5grams
      - Thermal Grizzly KRYONAULT for CPU/GPU; 1 Tube 1gram

      CPU Heatsink
      - MSI MS16L1 CPU HEATSINK; E31-0805082-A02
      CPU Fan
      - CPU FAN; MSI MS16L1; 065A 12VDC-N395; PABD19735BM; E33-0800582-MC2
      Primary GPU / VGA Fan
      - MSI MS16L1 GPU Fan; 065A 12VDC-N395; PABD19735BM; E33-0800582-MC2
      M.2 Thermal Pad Kit - 45mm x 19mm x 8mm
      - M.2 Thermal Pad Kit - 2 Pieces -MSI -45mm x 19mm x 8mm
      - MSI MS16L1 Motherboard; Z170 Chipset; 60-716L1-102S
      - MSI MS16L1 Motherboard; C236 Chipset - P/N: 60-716L1-1105S
      - MSI MS16L1 Motherboard w/ GTX 1080 Support; 60-71601104S
      Mainboard Bracket
      - MSI MS16L1 Mainboard Bracket for the GTX 1080 VGA
      WiFi Antenna
      - MSI MS16L1 Wireless Antenna - Long - p/n - S79-1804640-V03
      - MSI MS16L1 Wireless Antenna - Short - p/n - S79-1804630-V03
      Keyboard (internal)
      - MSI MS16L1; Replacement Keyboard/Top Case - English
      Back LCD Cover
      - MSI MS16L1 Back Cover
      Front Cover
      - MSI MS16L1 Front Cover
      Top Case
      - MSI MS16L1 Top Case including Keyboard and Touch Pad; P/N: 307-6L1C212-Y31
      Bottom Case
      - MS16L1x Bottom Case P/N: 307-6L1D214-Y31 (w/o bottom cover)
      - MS16L1x Bottom Cover P/N: 307-6L1J2-12Y31
      - MS16L1x Bottom Case with Bottom cover - 307-6L1J2-12Y31 and 307-6L1D214-Y31
      Bottom Case HDD Cover
      Bottom Case Screws - 1 Set
      - Bottom Case Screws - 1 Set - Model Specific

      Audio Board
      - MSI MS16L1 Audio Board - P/N: 60-716L1-201S
      Power Cord
      - USA/CANADA
      - EUROPE
      - UK
      Power Inverter
      - 300W Portable DC-to-AC Power Inverter; 2 AC Outlets (US); Belkin F5C400-300W; US Edition