Alienware Aurora mALX
19 inch WSXGA+ 1680-by-1050 pixels resolution display

Alienware Aurora mALX Notebook (Early 2006)

  • Graphics: Upgradeable Video Technology; dual GPU
  • Processor: AMD Mobile Turion64 CPU (up to 2.4GB ML-44; 64-bit; 1MB L2 cache; socket754)
  • AC Adapter: 220W standard for all GPUs
  • VGA Heatsink: Model Specific Heatsinks sold with Video Cards
  • O/S Supported: Windows XP

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    Base Configuration
      Services: Customized Drivers
      - Customized GPU Drivers H/W ID specific
      - Set of Drivers for specific laptop model
      Services: Support Consultation w/ Technician
      - Support Consultation Session w/ Technician
      Primary GPU-1 Upgrade ** GPU Heatsink not included **
      - NVIDIA GeForce 7800GTX; 512MG DDR3; 400e/500m; 16x PCIe; Modular VGA; Upgrade Kit with Heatsink, screws, thermal pads and Paste
      Secondary GPU-2 Upgrade **GPU Heatsink not included **
      - NVIDIA GeForce 7800GTX; 512MG DDR3; 400e/500m; 16x PCI; MXM
      GPU-1 Heatsink (Primary)
      - CLEVO Primary Heatsink - Model Specific
      GPU-2 Heatsink (Secondary)
      - Clevo Secondary Heatsink - Model Specific
      Primary GPU / VGA Fan
      - Clevo Primary GPU Fan - Model Specific
      Thermal Paste for GPU/CPU
      - Thermal Grizzly KRYONAULT for CPU/GPU; 1 Tube 1gram
      - IC Diamond Thermal Paste ICD7; 2 Tubes x 1.5grams
      LCD Panels
      - 19.1in LCD panel WSXGA+ 1680x1050
      - 20.1” LCD panel LP201WEI WSXGA+
      Back LCD Cover
      - Back Cover Assembly (18-inch/19-inch models)
      Front Cover
      - Front Cover (18.1-inch / 19-inch models)
      Top Case
      - Top Case - 18 inch / 19 inch - Model Specific
      Bottom Case
      - Bottom Case - > 18 inch / 19 inch - Model Specific
      Keyboard (internal)
      - Replacement Keyboard USA/Canada - Non Backlit


      AC Adapter
      - 230W; 100V-250V; Auto-Switching
      - 330W AC Adapter; 100-240V; 50-60Hz; DC 19.5V @ 16.9A; 4pin round plug
      - 780W AC Adapter; 110V-250V Auto Switching; 325x110x40mm; 3lbs/1.3kg; w/ DC cable
      - Battery Pack; Li-Ion - 8 Cells