EUROCOM M520N Voyage Duo
12-inch; Widescreen; WXGA 1280-by-800 pixels; high-brightness Active Matrix Display with protective glossy surface

Superpowerful Thin & Light notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo Processors

Whether staying connected with friends and family, completing important projects or just relaxing while watching your favorite movie, the EUROCOM M520N Voyage Duo delivers the perfect blend of performance and portability to accomplish any task.

The EUROCOM M520N Voyage Duo:

  • Features a 12-inch widescreen LCD with ClearView technology giving you a clearer and more vivid image than standard LCD displays.

  • Weighs a light 4 lbs for effortless transport.

  • Delivers up to 4 hours of battery life so you can focus on working or having fun on the go without worrying about your battery.

  • Built-in 1.3 megapixel rotating webcam enabling live video communication without the hassle of external devices or wires. Enjoy quick and easy video chat sessions from any location.

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    Base Configuration
      VGA / GPU Graphics Options
      Processor / CPU
      - Intel Core 2 Duo® T5500; 1.66GHz; FSB667; 2MB L2 cache; 65nm; 34W  [$252]
      - Intel Core 2 Duo® T5600; 1.83GHz; FSB667; 2MB L2 cache; 65nm; 34W  [$312]
      - Intel Core 2 Duo® T7200; 2GHz; FSB667; 4MB L2 cache; 65nm; 34W  [$444]
      - Intel Core 2 Duo® T7400; 2.16GHz; FSB667; 4MB L2 cache; 65nm; 34W  [$520]
      - Intel Core 2 Duo® T7600; 2.33GHz; FSB667; 4MB L2 cache; 65nm; 34W  [$516]
      - Intel® Celeron® M 410; 1.46GHz; FSB533; 1MB L2 cache; 65nm; 27W  [$76]
      - Intel® Celeron® M 430; 1.73GHz; FSB533; 1MB L2 cache; 65nm; 27W  [$116]
      - Intel® Celeron® M 440; 1.86GHz; FSB533; 1MB L2 cache; 65nm; 27W  [$156]
      Memory (RAM) Configuration
      - 1GB; 2x 512MB; DDR2-667; 200pin; PC2-5300; 2 SODIMMs  [$72]
      - 1GB; 1x 1GB; DDR2-667; 200pin; PC2-5300; 1 SODIMM  [$36]
      - 2GB; 2x 1GB; DDR2-667; 200pin; PC2-5300 - 2 SODIMMs  [$72]
      Operating System(s)
      - Microsoft Windows XP Home; SP2; OEM Edition; English   [$76]
      - Microsoft Windows XP Professional 32-bit; OEM Edition; English   [$192]
      - Microsoft Windows XP Home; SP2; OEM Edition;Français   [$76]
      - Microsoft; Windows XP Professional; SP2B; OEM; Français  [$192]
      Keyboard (Language)
      - US/Canada English; QWERTY  [$76]
      - Anglais E.U. avec autocollant Canadien Français  [$76]
      Office/Business Productivity Software
      - English; Microsoft Office 2007 Basic Edition; (Excel; Outlook; Word); OEM  [$239]
      1st Drive: HDD, SSD or SSHD
      - 60GB; SATA; 5,400rpm; 1.5Gb/s; 8MB cache; 2.5-inch  [$72]
      - 80GB; SATA2; 5,400rpm; 3Gb/s; 8MB cache; 2.5-inch  [$68]
      - 100GB; SATA; 5,400rpm; 1.5Gb/s; 8MB cache; 2.5-inch  [$80]
      - 100GB; SATA-150; 7,200rpm; 1.5Gb/s; 8MB cache; 2.5-inch  [$104]
      - 120GB; SATA; 5,400rpm; 1.5Gb/s; 8MB cache; 2.5-inch  [$92]
      - 160GB; SATA2; 5,400rpm; up to 3Gb/s; 8MB cache; 2.5-inch  [$76]
      - 200GB; SATA; 4,200rpm; 1.5Gb/s; 8MB cache; 2.5-inch  [$156]
      - 250GB; SATA-150; 5,400rpm; 1.5Gb/s; 8MB cache; 2.5-inch  [$180]
      - 32GB MLC SSD Solid State Drive; SATA-150; 1.5Gb/s; 2.5-inch  [$316]
      - 80GB MLC SSD; Intel 310 series; SATA-300 3Gb/s  [$236]
      Optical Drive
      - 24x COMBO; with Software; tray-based  [$140]
      - 8x Multi DVD +-RW/-RAM Burner; Tray Load; Dual-Layer; w/ Software; PATA/IDE  [$100]
      Internal Card Reader
      - 4-in-1 Card Reader; SD/MS/MMC/MS-Pro  [$48]
      Biometric Device
      - External Fingerprint Reader; USB; Eikon TCRD4CA1H6A3  [$55]
      Bluetooth for Wireless Devices
      - Bluetooth; internal USB module  [$63]
      Wireless LAN
      - 802.11a/b/g WLAN; 54Mbps; Intel® Wireless 3945ABG; NAPA; MiniPCIe  [$68]
      - 802.11a/b/g WLAN; SuperG@108Mpbs; PCIe NAPA; Gigabyte GN-WI07HT-RH  [$60]
      AntiVirus, Security and Utilities Software
      - English; Norton AntiVirus 2010; OEM Edition  [$39]
      - Français; Norton AntiVirus 2010; OEM Edition  [$55]
      Built-in Web Camera
      - 1.3 Megapixels; WebCam  [$55]
      Standard Battery (internal)
      - 4-cells; 2400mAH; Smart Li-Ion; approx 2 hours; M520G  [$132]
      - 8-cells; 4400mAH; Smart Li-Ion; approx 4 hours; M520G  [$143]
      Choose Extra Battery
      - 4-cells; 2400mAH; Smart Li-Ion; approx 2 hours; M520G  [$132]
      - 8-cells; 4400mAH; Smart Li-Ion; approx 4 hours; M520G  [$128]
      Standard AC Adapter
      - 65W AC Adapter; 100-250V Auto-Switching  [$72]
      Extra Power Cord
      - 1 Extra; USA/CANADA  [$7]
      - 1 Extra; EUROPE  [$7]
      - 1 Extra; UK  [$7]
      Choose Extra AC Adapter
      - 65W AC Adapter; Auto-Switching 100-250V  [$72]
      Carrying Case
      - Notebook Carrying Bag; Ballastic Nylon; Black  [$20]
      - TARGUS 16-inch Sport Backpack; Heavy-Duty Fabrics with Nylon Webbing Reinforcement; TCG650  [$79]
      - Targus Trademark Notepac Plus Case 16-in, Black (CTM400); internal: 14.5x2x11.75in  [$79]
      - 17.3-inch Sport Backpack; Black; Targus Voyager TSB953GL  [$135]
      Choose Your Warranty Plan
      - 2 Years Return to Factory Depot with 2 Years of Tech Support  [$220]
      - 3 Years Return to Factory Depot with 3 Years of Tech Support  [$335]

      External Battery Charger
      - External Single Battery Battery Charger for M520 (4cell main battery) and M540N  [$76]
      External Keyboard
      - English US/Canada; Cordless Logitech MX270 Keyboard & Mouse; Black; w/ Wireless Receiver  [$71]
      - English US/Canada; USB Desktop Keyboard; Logitech MK120; Black  [$31]

      External Floppy Drive
      - External; USB; 3.5-inch 1.44MB Floppy Drive  [$40]
      External Portable Storage
      - 16 GB; Memory Pen Key/Portable Disk; USB 2.0  [$71]
      External Hard Drive for Data Backup or Network Storage (NAS)
      - USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive w/ 500GB 2.5-inch 7200rpm SATA-300 HDD  [$156]
      - USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive w/ 750GB 2.5-inch 7200rpm Seagate Hybrid SATA-600  [$236]
      - 750GB 3.5-inch 7,200rpm SATA-300; eSATA, USB 2.0 and FireWire-400; with Power Supply  [$236]
      - USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive w/ 1TB 2.5-inch 5400rpm SATA-300 HDD  [$276]
      - 2TB, NAS; Network Attached Storage; External 3.5-inch; WDH1NC20000N  [$396]
      Docking Stations, Hubs and Port Replicators
      - USB 2.0 High Speed 4-Ports Mini Hub For Mobile Users; no power  [$20]
      - EUROCOM PR-100 Port Replicator; 1x10/100 LAN;4xUSB2.0;1xS;1xP;1xCRT;1xDC; for M520G/520N/M540N/M660N  [$76]
      Car Adapters and Inverters
      - 70W Car and Airplane Mobile DC-to-AC Adapter; Targus APM10CA  [$119]
      - 120W Car Adapter; DC 11V-16V; 12A; Output 16V-24V  [$79]
      - 375W DC-to-AC Portable Power Inverter; 2 AC Outlets (US); TRIPP-LITE PV375; US Edition; 120V AC/60Hz; 12V DC; 2.2lbs  [$95]
      - 700W Portable Power Inverter; 3 AC Outlets (US); Tripplite; 12V AC/60Hz; 12V DC, 1.26kg; 70x207.5x126mm  [$143]
      Security Cables and Security Devices
      - Targus - Defcon CL Cable PA410C   [$39]
      - Targus Defcon 1 Alarm Device PPA400C  [$39]