- 15.6in 240Hz FHD and UHD eDP Display

- Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070; on-board;
- Processor: AMD socket based - AMD B550 Chipset; AMD Ryzen 3000 and 5000 series desktop Processor
- AC Adapter: 230W Auto-Switching 100V-250V AC Adapter
- VGA Heatsink: standard Copper Heatsink for GPU and CPU
- O/S Supported: Windows 10/11
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I am getting a black screen during Windows 10 Pro x64 installation. What should I do?
Jan 26, 2016

Please verify that your UEFI is enabled in the BIOS. This is required for the install to work!

I would like to upgrade my notebooks BIOS to the latest version. How do I do this?
Jan 26, 2017

In order to get the most recent BIOS for your notebook and to have help with the upgrade to this BIOS, please fill in a support request and one of our techs will contact you and give you a hand.

Support Request Form

I'm using Windows 7 and my TPM 2.0 Module does not work
Apr 15, 2016
PDF Document

I have a system with a TPM 2.0 module running Windows 7. For some reason my TPM Module will not function. What is the problem?

In order for TPM 2.0 to function in Windows 7, your system must be in UEFI mode when you install Windows 7. If it is not, TPM 2.0 cannot function. Once you have put your system in UEFI mode and have installed Windows 7 please look at the following attachment to see how to activate your TPM 2.0 module.

My WebCam is not working. I installed the drivers but nothing???
Jan 26, 2016

You must power on the Web Cam by hitting Fn/F10. Once powered on, it should work

My Wireless Networking is not working. I installed the drivers but is see nothing???
Jan 26, 2016

You must power on the Wireless card by selecting Fn/F9. The wireless signal strength will then appear in the bottom right corner near the time.

Where do I find drivers for my new VGA card?
Jun 15, 2015

The drivers for all Video Cards are available in our Product Showroom. On the Orange Options Menu you will see a series of links. Please choose Drivers and you will be taken to the proper drivers for your notebook.

Who do I contact to get some help with my Clevo/Sager Notebook upgrades?
Jun 15, 2015

If you have any questions or would like some assistance with your upgrade, please fill in this Support Request Form and our Support team would be happy to assist you!

Support Request Form

Will my new notebook with a 10 series video card function in Linux?
Oct 20, 2016

Not at this time. Currently there are no Linux video drives for the new NVidia 10 Series cards (GTX 1060, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080). This is just a temporary problem as drivers will eventually come.

Modifications required to use the GTX 1070 in my Clevo P15xSM/SMA
Mar 21, 2018

In order for the Clevo P15xSM/SMA notebooks to use the GTX 1070 video card some small modifications are necessary to the frame of the notebook. These small mods will have no ill effect on the notebook.

Two plastic support frames need to be removed with a Dremmel tool (or alike tool). Once these frames have been removed the card and heatsink will properly fit into the notebook and will be secured without any issues. If you would like more information please fill in a support request and more info and pictures can be provided.

Can I use an M.2 Drive as my primary hard drive or do I need a standard Hard drive installed?
Dec 13, 2015

If your notebook is equipped with an M.2 Hard Drive you can use it alone and as the primary drive in your notebook. There are no restriction on how it can be used.


I want to install Linux Mint in my Eurocom Sky X9C/X7C or X4C. Are their any known issues?
Jan 29, 2018

I want to install Linux Mint. Are their any known issues?

Yes...If you load Linux Mint the IRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) will not run correctly. This will mean you cannot setup any type of RAID setup with your Hard Drives. If you are not interested in running any type of RAID array, this issue will not effect you.

I'm getting Windows 10 Activation errors saying the licence has been used too many times
Oct 11, 2016

I’m getting a Windows 10 activation error saying that the license key has been used too many times. Any suggestions?

1. On the bottom of your system there will be a small colourful rectangular sticker that says “Windows 10 Pro for OEM software” I would suggest taking a picture of it with your phone or digital camera.
2. After you have a picture of it, from the standard windows desktop, Right click on the start button, now referred to as the flag, and select system.
3. On the left hand side you will see “activate windows”
4. Click on it and then select “change product key”
5. Type in the product key that you just took a picture of (be careful 8’s and B’s look very similar)
6. Then press next and you should activate without issue.

What are the Keyboard shortcuts on my Eurocom notebook.
Apr 05, 2018

On Eurocom Notebooks you can use keyboard shortcuts to turn off and on functionality for Wireless/Bluetooth/Touchpad Etc. Here is a complete list of these shortcuts...

Clevo (after EM series):
Touchpad: FN+ F1
Webcam: FN+F10
Wifi/BT: FN+F11
Volume UP: FN+ F6
Volume Down: FN+ F5
Brightness UP: FN+ F9
Brightness DOWN: FN+ F8

Are there any restriction when I load Linux/Ubuntu on my notebook??
Aug 12, 2015

All our system have been tested with Linux/Ubuntu and they do work properly. The only known restriction is you CANNOT use a Killer wireless card with Linux/Ubuntu.