15.6-inch 4K QFHD 3840-by-2160 or FHD IPS 1920-by-1080 pixels; 60Hz; eDP; LED Backlit

CLEVO P750DM2 / Sager NP9152 (Late 2016) 15.6-inch FHD Display

  • Graphics: Upgradeable MXM 3.0 Desktop; single GPU
  • Processor: Skylake-S LGA1151 socket based Processor (up to I7 6700K)
  • AC Adapter: 230W standard; 330W is optional
  • VGA Heatsink: standard heatsink (100W)
  • O/S Supported: Windows 8x and 10
  • 10 Series cards not supported using Linux at this time
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    Base Configuration
      GPU-1 Upgrade Kit (Primary)
      - 6GB GDDR5; NVIDIA GTX 1060; G-Sync; 1280 CUDA; N17E-G1; 100x124mm; MXM 3.1 w/ power cable, X-bracket, screws, thermal pads, ICD7
      - 8GB GDDR5; NVidia GTX 1070; 2048 CUDA; N17E-G2; 100x124mm; MXM 3.1; w/ power cable, X-bracket, screws, thermal pads, ICD7
      - 8GB GDDR5; NVIDIA GTX 1080 (desktop); 2560 CUDA; N17E-G3; MXM 3.1; w/ X-bracket, screws, thermal pads, ICD7
      GPU-1 Power Cable (Primary)
      - P7x DM2/TM VGA Power Cable - Primary card 110mm p/n - 43-P7750-210-1
      GPU-1 Heatsink (Primary)
      - P770xx Single CPU+GPU Heatsink; 31-P75D3100
      Extra X-bracket / GPU Supporter
      - GPU Spreader / X-Bracket for MXM 3.0b/3.1 NVIDIA GTX and Quadro with Matching Screws
      Extra Thermal Pads
      - Set of thermal pads for NVIDIA desktop video cards
      Extra Screws for X-Bracket
      - VGA/GPU X-Bracket / GPU Supporter Screws
      Thermal Paste
      - IC Diamond Thermal Paste ICD7; 1tube; 1.5g

      Extra SSD/HDD Bracket(s) & Cables
      - P750xx/P775xx/P770xx 1st HDD/SSD bracket for 9.5mm HDD/SSD w/ screws ; 79-P775DM2J-010
      - P750xx/P775xx/P770xx 2st HDD/SSD Bracket for 9.5mm HDD/SSD w/ screws ; 79-P775DM2J-030
      CPU Heatsink
      - Clevo One-Piece CPU/GPU Heatsink
      CPU Fan
      - CPU FAN; CLEVO P75xDM/DM2/TM1; 31-P75D3-202
      Primary GPU / VGA Fan
      - GPU FAN; CLEVO P75xZM/DM/DM2/TM1; 31-P750S-102
      Power Switch Board
      - Power Swich Board - Model Specific
      - CLEVO P750DM2 / SAGER NP9152 Motherboard
      WWAN Antenna
      - Clevo P75x WWAN Antenna - 550MM - p/n 6-23-7P750-030
      - Clevo P75x WWAN Antenna - 150MM - p/n 6-23-7P750-040
      Keyboard (internal)
      - Backlit; English; UK; QWERTY
      - Backlit; Alemán / German; QWERTZ
      - Backlit; Español / Spanish; QWERTY
      - Backlit; Français / French; AZERTY
      - Backlit; Italiana / Italian; QWERTY
      - Backlit; Norske / Norwegian; QWERTY
      - Backlit; Português / Portugese; QWERTY
      - Backlit; Svenska / Swedish; QWERTY
      - Backlit; Swiss German; QWERTZ
      - Backlit; English; USA/Canada; QWERTY
      Laptop Upgrade Kit
      - P750DM2/3 to P750TM1 Upgrade Kit
      Back LCD Cover
      - Back Cover Assembly (15.6 inch models)
      Front Cover
      - Front Cover (15.6-inch models)
      LCD Cables
      - P750DM2 LCD Cable FHD 60Hz; P/N: 43-P7501-042-1C
      - P750DM2 for Samsung 4K (43-P7501-022-1C)
      - P750DM2 LCD Cable for 4K Sharp Matte - p/n 43-P7501-060-1C
      - P750DM2 LCD Cable for UHD Sharp GT; P/N: 43-P7501-012-1C
      - P751DM/TM1 LCD Cable for AUO B156HTN05.2 - p/n 43-p75d1-010-1C
      LCD Panels
      - 15.6in (39.6cm); FHD 1920x1080; MATTE; 700:1; NTSC 72%; LG LP156WF6-SPB1
      - 15.6in (39.6cm); UHD 3840x2160; 60Hz; Semi-Glossy; 700:1; NTSC 72%; eDP; Samsung LTN156FL02-L01
      - 15.6in (39.6cm); UHD 3840x2160; MATTE IPS; 1000:1; NTSC 72%; sRGB 100%; eDP; SHARP IGZO LQ156D1JW04
      - 15.6in (39.6cm); UHD 3840x2160; Glossy; 1000:1; NTSC 72%; sRGB 100%; eDP; SHARP IGZO LQ156D1JX01B
      - 15.6in; FHD; 120Hz; Matte; AUO B156HTN05.2; eDP; 30pin
      Top Case
      - Top Case - 15.6 inch - Model Specific
      Bottom Case
      - Bottom Case - 15.6 inch - Model Specific
      Bottom Case CPU Cover
      - P75x CPU Cover - For P75xZM/DM/DM2/DM3/TM1 Notebooks
      Touch/Track Pad
      - CLEVO P750ZM/DM Track/Touch Pad w/ cable
      - VGA Installation Service - Includes shipping both ways, install of VGA, Drivers, BIOS and Heatsink Mod if required - North America only

      AC Adapter
      - 230W; 100V-250V; Auto-Switching
      - 330W AC Adapter; Auto-switching; 100-240V; 50-60Hz; DC 19.5V @ 16.9A; 4pin round plug
      - 780W AC Adapter; 110V-250V Auto Switching; 325x110x40mm; 3lbs/1.3kg; w/ DC cable
      - Extra DC Cable for EUROCOM 780W AC Adapter; 72.9in / 1.8m
      Battery (Extra)
      - Battery Pack; Li-Ion - 8 Cells
      Power Cord
      - USA/CANADA
      - EUROPE
      - UK
      Converter Box for 2x 330W AC Adapters
      - Converter Box for 2x 330W AC Adapters; for Clevo and MSI laptops (round plugs)
      Power Inverter
      - 300W Portable DC-to-AC Power Inverter; 2 AC Outlets (US); Belkin F5C400-300W; US Edition